Day 2342: Practicing happiness

Yesterday, at a Coping and Healing group where we were practicing reframes, forgiveness, the serenity prayer,  acceptance of ourselves and others, and some new perspectives,  one of the group members spoke about the concept of practicing happinesss — much like one practices a musical instrument. We practiced that by going around the room and naming specific ways we could practice happiness, starting now.

One of my named ways to practice happiness was listening to music I love.

I heard “Down the Line” last night by Jacob Collier (who has obviously been practicing a lot) as I was walking down the line through the Fenway after work.

I’ve also been practicing happiness daily by blogging and by taking the photos I share here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.  Can you see any examples of practicing happiness in today’s pictures?



















Voila!  When you practice happiness, just like when you practice anything else, you get better at it.

I look forward to practicing happiness later by reading comments, below, about how you might practice happiness, here and now.

Practicing happiness includes expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me write this practicing-happiness post and thanks to you, for reading it.



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22 thoughts on “Day 2342: Practicing happiness

  1. Your reflection enjoying photography has to be an example

  2. What a happy post! Happy to start my day seeing this 🙂

  3. Thank you for practicing happiness so much that you are so very good at it, Ann.

  4. Practicing happiness is easy when there’s such wonderful places, like here, to come and visit and fill up my happiness bucket!

  5. Love the signs from the angels – Danger people working above!

  6. Maureen

    Jacob Collier is very talented!

  7. Practicing happiness reminds me of a joke Billy Crystal told about his older relatives talking about the old days, how they didn’t have anything and would say, “What happiness, we didn’t have happiness. We were miserable and we loved it!” My friends and I used to repeat that all the time and I hope that repeating it now provides a little happiness here.

  8. Hello Ann, nice to meet you. Have a nice weekend!!!

  9. Debbie Terman

    One of your photos reminds me of a story that my brother-in-law told me. When he was a child in the 60s, there was road work on his street, and one of those yellow signs. But in those days the signs were usually marked “Men Working”. So, budding activist that he was, he wrote the word “People” on a piece of paper, went outside and taped it over the word “Men” on the sign. The road workers (who happened to be all men) were quite amused by this child.

  10. Practicing happiness is a bit painful without Harley.

    • Harley is practicing happiness behind some curtains right now, Maria. Thanks for the continuing practice of your comments.

  11. I like to practice happiness, Ann. So much better than the alternative. Music is a wonderful enhancement. 🙂

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