Day 2339: Fun for the whole fam

When I was at Marshall’s the other day with my fam but not with my fam-ous cell phone, I took this photo with a fam member’s phone:

The next day, I saw this whole fam of snowy egrets having fun close to where I live with my fam.

I didn’t want to disturb the fun of that whole fam, so I hope I got close enough for you to have fun with those photos.

Here are some fun photos of MY fam:


How about sharing a fun photo or story about your fam, below? And remember, it’s your choice who is part of your fam.

Here’s a whole fun song about fam:

Fun thanks for being part of my whole blogging fam, here and now.

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20 thoughts on “Day 2339: Fun for the whole fam

  1. A family of Egrets- how wonderful! Also wonderful to see your son arriving at the airport, another year under his belt

  2. Thank you for letting your fam become our fam today, Ann.

  3. This morning on my way to work I listened to Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! and heard that Boston accents have been declared the sexiest accents. They brought in Ray Magliozzi to confirm this by having him read movie quotes. It reminded me that I once tried to convince my mother to call Car Talk because she had, I said, the ideal problem–her car was making a funny noise, which she could imitate, and she disagreed with my father about the cause.
    It would have been fun for the whole fam.

    • I love this story about your fam, Chris, but I have to tell you that fams from Texas were declared to have even sexier accents than the sexy accents of the Boston fams.

      Just like in any fam, WordPress fam members sometimes disagree, but with you, my brother from another mother, it’s always fun.

  4. After all of these years blogging I still can’t figure out how to add pictures in comments. I did just spend time in Ireland with my brother and his wife, and my husband. Just a small portion of my family, but a great portion of family. 🙂

    • I get the picture, my cherished WordPress fam member. Adding pictures in comments takes lots of steps and might be particularly difficult (or maybe impossible) after recent WordPress updates. I’ll see if I can do that here ….

      Can’t do it! I wonder if any member of our WordPress fam can enlighten us?

  5. I have a pretty great fam

  6. Maureen

    I’ve just realized that until I saw your photos, I had no idea what a snowy egret looked like! Thanks, Ann.

  7. Fun for the whole fam is reading those novels by Oscar and Harley.

  8. I love the fam of egrets! They’re so beautiful and just make me happy. BUT, more than those snowy beauties, I am really glad you shared your fam with us. They’re delightful–each one. 🙂

  9. Great blog, thanks for sharing. I’m new to this and have ideas on fun stories from my own experiences, could you take a look please and leave some advice or comments, thanks David

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