Day 2333: Celebrating

On the two thousandth, three hundredth, and thirty-third consecutive day of this blog, I am celebrating the first use of the word “Celebrating” in a post title.


I am also celebrating

  • the rich availability of relevant imagery all around me,
  • seeing my guitar hero, Pat Metheny, with one of my friendship heroes later today,
  • my son’s imminent arrival from Scotland on a newly-instituted direct flight from Edinburgh to Boston,
  • the popularity of my Coping and Healing therapy groups at work,
  • the resilience of the people I meet every day,
  • my own resilience,
  • the relative absence of carpenter ants in our home-by-the sea, Squanticello,
  • visitors to my blog,
  • Boston accents (deemed the second sexiest in the United States),
  • different ideas,
  • puns (and more “elevated” forms of humor),
  • brains,
  • hearts,
  • guts,
  • gifts,
  • smiles,
  • keepers,
  • art,
  • wishes,
  • self-expression,
  • baseball season,
  • flowering trees and flowers,
  • sunshine,
  • freedom,
  • deliberately and consciously leaving behind guilt, shame, and fear with every step, and
  • whatever else I can find to celebrate, every precious moment.

I am celebrating all those things, and more, by sharing my images from yesterday.
























I am also celebrating a new sidewalk, above,  which will prevent the kind of trips that landed me on the ground with a torn rotator cuff fifteen months ago.

I’m celebrating trees and Pat Metheny with this tune that was playing yesterday while I was walking that new, safer sidewalk to work.

What might you be celebrating, here and now?

As always, this blog celebrates the power of gratitude, every day.


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14 thoughts on “Day 2333: Celebrating

  1. I am celebrating the opportunity to venture out and do good for my community with my work for the library today, Ann.

  2. Pat Metheny is amazing and I’m celebrating being able to listen to and learn more of her music. Also mascots deserve to be celebrated. Here’s a high-four for Wally!

  3. Yay! I am so glad that Aaron is arriving soon. How long is a direct flight between Boston and Edinburgh? That sounds like a great option. Will you be going to the Fringe festival there this fall?

    I am celebrating today by taking part in convocation for the first time in my life. I missed my other graduations. I’m also celebrating because it’s not raining, which is important because you have to stand outside for about an hour beforehand.

    • I’m celebrating your questions with these answers: 7 hours and yes. I’m also celebrating your convocation, Maureen!

  4. I like celebrating things

  5. Continuing life

  6. Lots to celebrate! Someone very close to me had a good medical report today, when we thought otherwise! And Pat Metheny? Hope you had a wonderful time. I was with you in spirit.

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