Day 2329: Millions of Ideas

Over my long life, I’ve had millions of ideas.

Some of them are private and hidden.

Some of them are inexplicable.


Some of them are rebellious.

Some of them are blooming.

Some of them seem random but aren’t.

Some of them are beautiful.

Some of them seem repetitive.

What do they all have in common?

Hope is what they all have in common. And I hope you share some of your millions of ideas, below.

I have some ideas about which music to share (here and here on YouTube).

Here’s another idea: music is like a time machine for me.

Millions of thanks to those whose ideas helped inspire today’s post and — of course! — to YOU, for all the ideas you bring, here and now.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2329: Millions of Ideas

  1. When we get together, Ann, I can see all those ideas gathering! It’s a wonderful sight.

  2. Your photos inspire lots of ideas of my own but I don’t know if they are similar to your ideas. I see that some of your ideas are in bloom, though, and so are some of mine.

  3. Once in an acting exercise I was supposed to yell something at another person and I froze. Then I yelled “I can’t think of anything!” And she yelled back “Yes you can!” And we ended up screaming at each other about whether or not I could think of anything.
    If I said I had no idea of the significance of that you might say “Yes you do!”

  4. For some reasonnot zoned out reading this not once but twice so have no comment

  5. Goodness did you take a picture of those lions because of their eyes? Wowsers. I had also forgotten about that pink giraffe on that album cover. And that lilac bush was just lovely. So, your pictures gave me lots of ideas!

  6. In bloom are millions of ideas from Spring

  7. Some of your ideas are blooming good

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  9. But they all come together to make you the interesting and very alive person you are, Ann. None of your ideas are a waste of time. Even our seemingly pointless ideas help us figure out what we can dispose of and what we would like to hold onto! 🙂

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