Day 2320: Living the Dream

For me, living the dream includes spending quality time with wonderful people. Yesterday, I heard from my dream of a friend, Jeanette, who is living in Philadelphia, that she will be spending more time in Boston because of a job change.  For me, this is a dream come true.   In response, I sent her this image:


I believe I am living the dream, here and now, because

  • I have a job I love,
  • I have friends I love,
  • I have a boyfriend I love and live with,
  • I’m President of a group therapy organization I love,
  • I get to blog every day for lovely and lively people,
  • I’m taking a vacation next week during the dreamiest time of the year in Boston, and
  • my son is coming home from University this month!

Living the dream includes balance, which was the topic of yesterday’s Coping and Healing group.  Can you see  other aspects of living the dream in these photos?








Drake White is Living the Dream:

Sturgill Simpson is Living the Dream:

What does living the dream mean to you?

Living the dream includes experiencing and expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! — to YOU.



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8 thoughts on “Day 2320: Living the Dream

  1. Last night in my writing group a few of us discussed writing retreats. I mentioned that Stephen King, in On Writing, says that retreats aren’t useful. I said that may be true for him but I’ve found retreats to be great for writing. That’s my dream: to live my own dream and let others live theirs. Or, as a certain famous cat said, “Ack!”

  2. Great post Ann, and for me is like my blog “Everything in life is balance…” Have a nice day!!!

  3. How wonderful to know that your friend will be in the Boston area on a more frequent basis! And I’m delighted that Aaron is coming home! It does sound like a rich time! Living the dream, YES!

  4. I spent much of my childhood drawing and painting my ideal countryside scenes. Much of my adult life has been spent living and/or working in London. Now, in the New Forest in retirement I find myself living the dream

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