Day 2315: Long story, short

Because I’m hosting a retreat for group therapists at our home today, I need to make a long story, short.

Yesterday, I had a long day in which I

  • visited the hospital’s gift shop,
  • facilitated a Coping and Healing therapy group,
  • did individual therapy,
  • responded on short notice to people in crisis,
  • said “au revoir” — feeling sad AND happy — to graduating social work intern (and my co-writer and co-performer of the song “Nobody’s Perfect”), wonderful Nat Shirley,
  • exchanged short horn-honks with another yellow Honda Fit like mine,
  • had a short conversation with the two lovely people riding in that Honda Fit, and
  • sang one short original song near the end of a long Open Mic night, all the while being my short self wearing a long skirt and long earrings.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, sharing photos might be the best way to make a long story short.



Amelia and Percy, my new Honda-Fit friends, told me a short story about how she thinks our cars are yellow and he thinks they’re lime green.

Here‘s me telling the long story, short, about how I left the house before I felt ready:


Please leave your long or short comments, below.

Long gratitude, short:

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17 thoughts on “Day 2315: Long story, short

  1. The ‘Mom’ name joke reminded me of a conversation with some of my children a long time ago. It was about what they should call me. My suggestion of ‘Father, Sir’ got short shrift

  2. Long story short, you were a hit!

  3. I hope that the retreat goes well. I am sure everyone will feel that they benefited and will enjoy themselves.

    I think the car is greenish-yellow but I wouldn’t swear to that.

    • Long story, short, the retreat went well.

      Another long story, short: I always benefit from your comments, Maureen.

  4. That Honda fits them so well, Ann, even though like yours it is definitely yellow, not lime green. Hey, I’m glad to fit into the Honda family now with my new HR-V.

  5. Sometimes a long story has to be made just a little bit longer, and Hondas are known for how long they last, but that’s another story. Long story short, you were a hit and I’ve got some catching up to do after vacation.

    • Long story, short: your catching up and all your stories (short and long) are always worth waiting for, Chris.

  6. Tim often says to make a long story short then his long story gets longer he doesn’t know how to shorten a story

    • Next time Tim says “To make a long story short …” say, “Too late!” Thanks for sharing your story, Joanne.

  7. I love to look at baby things in a hospital gift store. Long story short, I just love everything baby! Including the short-lived new baby smell. 🙂

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