Day 2310: What would you do?

Yesterday, I asked my readers “What would I do without you?”  

Today, I want to shift the focus to what YOU would do.

What would you do if …

  • somebody made a comment you had trouble answering?
  • you loved a certain dish but nobody could make it like your late mother did?
  • a family member stopped talking to you?
  • you wanted to stay open to all possibilities?
  • you started writing a new song four days before a Friday night Open Mic?
  • you had a backlog of unfinished original songs including one called “Rhetorical Questions?”
  • you wanted to spend more Friday evenings with your significant other who doesn’t like Open Mics?
  • you had pets that didn’t seem to like each other very much?
  • you had the chance to spend some time in historic Charlestown, Massachusetts?
  • you had trouble making decisions?
  • the news rarely reflected your personal experience of human beings?
  • you encountered sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ageism,  homophobia, or other injustices?
  • you saw some beautiful rainbows when you were driving?
  • you wanted to be present to every moment but also capture some of them on your cell phone?































What would you do if you found this channel on YouTube?

What would you do if you found this song on YouTube?


What would you do if you had trouble just asking for things but you wanted comments?

What would you do if you had so much gratitude to all?


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27 thoughts on “Day 2310: What would you do?

  1. Janis Moulton

    I particularly enjoyed your photos today for whatever reason. Thanks.

  2. I am duty bound to answer the first of your bullet points – put it aside and hope for later inspiration

  3. That was a very cool rainbow – I’ve never seen on on fire before.

  4. Very nice! Thanks for posting.

  5. I never know what I’m going to do in a difficult situation until I’m in one, and I often feel disappointed in myself for how I respond, so I’m reluctant to offer advice. However the dog rules–including “Bark softly” and “Always be loyal” are ones to live by.

  6. beautiful inquiry, Ann!
    i try to keep smiling
    and keep my heart open 🙂

  7. The cat has the best idea. That’s should be our answer to: What would you do?

  8. I’m not sure what I would do in any of those situations. I hope inspiration strikes you and helps you finish your song. I hope you find some time with Michael.

  9. I have to ask you…do you take all your pictures in one day? Or do you collect them and pull out the ones that match your blog topic? You have so many diverse images in each post. I love your imagination. Yet you would be one busy bee if you collected such a diverse group of images every day!

  10. I would ignore the coment and feel sad about a family member not talking to me, generally I just go with the flow

  11. I would tell you that’s one of your best images of Harley and Oscar!

  12. I would do nothing and just breathe. LOL! ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

  13. I love the Henry Miller quote, in particular, Ann. And your “what would you do?” list has a lot of really thoughtful items. There’s a lot to think about there, my friend!

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