Day 2309: What would I do without you?

What would I do without you, my readers, who have supported and sustained me through 2,309 consecutive days of blogging?

What would I do without my iPhone and my eye for interesting images and connections all around me?

















What would I do without wonderful people like Ryan Gee, sales manager extraordinaire  for Boston Roofing and Gutters, who helped us quickly fix our leaky roof and also told us about the best local Thai Restaurant EVER (Thai Noodle Bar in Quincy, Massachusetts)?

What would I do without sustaining organizations like the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy  (see conference brochure pictured above) especially during challenging times like these?

What would I do without YouTube and music like Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors“What Would I Do Without You”?

What would I do without your comments?

What would I do without my daily chance to express gratitude here to all those who help me create these posts and — OF COURSE! — to YOU.



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31 thoughts on “Day 2309: What would I do without you?

  1. what would we do without your prolific posts?

  2. I get it. There are about 30 followers who are a very important part of my day as well as are their postings for last nine years. I miss the ones who have past away or evaporated out of our network for this or that reason.

  3. I am glad you did not have to make do without your roofer.

    This morning a dozen friends are coming over to plan how we can help the refugee we are sponsoring, who is arriving pretty soon. He is a UN-selected gay man from an easy African country where it is dangerous to be gay. We want to make sure that he does not have to worry about doing without anything while he is in Canada.

  4. What would we do without you to brighten our days?!

  5. There are a lot of people, including you, whom I wouldn’t want to do without, but I’d be fine if the Easter rabbit lost his T.

  6. What would I do without your interesting eye on the world. Imagine.

  7. Heart shaped rice! How great is that? And a beach chair sighting…. summer can’t be far away!

  8. I love those inflatable animals and plants someone put on a shelf. Especially that green leaf. This blog makes me think of the Beach Boys–God only knows–

  9. Have plenty of time on your hands

  10. Your eye makes a special we, Ann.

  11. the world just would
    not be the same 🙂

  12. Your posts are such a wonderful touchstone each day, Ann. You make a difference! What would we do without you?

  13. There ANN no one like you, my dear friend. ♡〜ლ(๑癶ᴗ癶๑)ლ〜♡

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