Day 2307: Another one of those days

Almost exactly two years ago, I wrote a post titled “One of Those Days.”

Yesterday, I had another one of those days, in which I felt

  • down,
  • dejected,
  • depleted,
  • displaced,
  • discouraged,
  • de-energized,
  • disappointed, and
  • in the dumps, dammit.

While I was having another one of those d-days, other people were having their own days.







Near the end of another one of those days, Vivian (appearing in my daily blog here, here  here, here, and especially here) texted me the helpful reminder shown above. Let’s have another look at that:

This is your reminder that healing is not linear.  It’s ok for some days to feel like you’ve regressed, it’s ok for the “small” things to hurt again. Healing is a continuous learning process.

It seemed like Vivian, miles away, knew I was having another one of those days.

Mama said, “There’ll Be Days Like This.”

What do you do when you are having another one of those days?

Here’s another one of those daily blog endings:



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25 thoughts on “Day 2307: Another one of those days

  1. I’m sorry you felt that way. I always feel happy when I read your posts.

  2. Life is exactly like this, Ann. Here’s to a good day to follow.

  3. I am sorry you had a down day, Ann. I hope you have more up days soon. When is Aaron returning? That seems an antidote!

    • When Aaron returns near the end of May, Maureen, that will be another one of those great days. Thanks for another healing comment.

  4. a beautiful true comment from your friend, Vivian

  5. Mama said there’d be days like this, according to The Shirelles, although John Lennon said “Nobody told me there’d be days like these.”
    Here’s to a better day today.

  6. May tomorrow be better

  7. Debbie Terman

    How depressing to see all those sad D words. I love the letter D, with which I wish for you :
    -detailed list from Debbie

    • This detailed list from dependable and dedicated Debbie is delightful, dazzling, deft, diplomatic, and decisively helpful! ❤

  8. Perfect Shirelles song! I’m so very sorry that you had “one of those days,” Ann, and I hope that today has been the turnaround day towards a wonderful weekend!! ox

  9. Today was my “D” day on my blog – “Decode with Devotion” – and I looked (as Debbie Terman did) at the positives. But, it’s okay to have those “dammit days” as long as you don’t get stuck there. I hope Debbie’s “D List” is useful for your weekend. God bless You! ❤

  10. It’s another one of those days that I miss Harley and Oscar!

  11. I know this feeling too well. ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡

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