Day 2303: Mother Earth

Today is my late mother‘s birthday AND Earth Day

As my mother (who loved the ocean, animals, and her family) used to say, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”  So how do I celebrate her birthday and Earth Day well?

Here’s a card I saw yesterday that seems like something else my mother would say to me:


I can do this: I can tell you that I love my mother and Mother Earth very much and I try to celebrate them every day.

Here are almost all my other photos from yesterday:













Here‘s a Mother Earth Song:

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?

As I do every day (and I hope I do it well), I express my gratitude. Here’s the other photo I took yesterday:


After I published this post, this photo of my  mother and me showed up on FaceBook:


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23 thoughts on “Day 2303: Mother Earth

  1. I love the photo of you and your mom. She looks perfectly happy, being with you.

  2. Thinking of you and your mother, Ann, and of the great Mother of us all who we surely would take better care of if we cherished Her as many of us, like yourself, cherish our own mothers.
    Within Her life, our lives.

  3. Happy Earth Day, Ann! Here’s to lovely memories of your time with your mom. That’s a fantastic photo. Today I will be celebrating our planet wit patrons who visit our Earth Day event to learn and live it at the Liverpool Public Library.

  4. Good photo of you both

  5. Ah wow, those sunsets

  6. A nurturing mother and earth is wonderful to celebrate! Thanks for sharing your memories and joy 💛

  7. When I was in college I started seeing posters that said “Please recycle. Love your Mom.” Taking good care of Mother Earth seems to be the best way to repay all she’s given us.

  8. Mother Earth is amazing

  9. Happy Mom’s Birthday. What a wonderful day to share Earth Day with. I hope it is a day full of love and joyful memories!

  10. That’s such a sweet photo of you and your mother, Ann. I’m sure that your mother’s birthday is a somewhat bittersweet day of remembrance, but how lovely that you’ve tied it to her love of nature, and Earth Day. I don’t know if your photos are sunsets or sunrise, but they are breathtaking!

  11. Mother Earth is beautiful with your sunsets and Harley!

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