Day 2302: Big kisses

Big kisses to









Big kisses to the wonderful people from my group psychotherapy organization who wrote “joy”, “passion,” “change”, ” positivity”, “love”, and other things on those beach stones at a retreat last fall.

Big kisses to these two for creating this video:

There’s a big list of songs with “kiss” in the title, including “Prelude to a Kiss,”

“Kiss on My List,”

and “The Perfect Kiss.”

Big kisses to Duke Ellington, Hall & Oates, and New Order.

Big kisses and thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU!



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12 thoughts on “Day 2302: Big kisses

  1. Hop to a wonderful day, Ann!

  2. Oh oh! Is your deck leaking into your ceiling? Fortunately, the repair is usually easier than you might fear. Even if you have to replace some drywall. You caught it early.

    Hopefully you will have help from a roofer soon. If you don’t, may I suggest getting an extremely large, very sturdy tarp (they’e often blue) and affixing it to the wall or roof of your house above your deck, and tenting your deck? Give the tarp as steep a pitch as possible. There’s a good chance that water that gets onto your deck will just travel under any tarp you put on the deck surface unless it is very sloped.

  3. Happy Passover, happy Easter, happy egg hunting. I just noticed that you wrote that Michael is very good with fixing things. Please ignore my tarping suggestion above as it sounds like he’s already got it in hand.

  4. Big kisses to you and Michael and those workers who, I hope, will get better pay and healthcare. They work hard and deserve it.

  5. wonderfully kiss
    able, each
    & everyone 🙂

  6. My granddaughter saw the photo of the giant Hershey’s Kiss and her eyes popped! 🙂

    I hope there are many warm and happy kisses always coming your way, my friend. You share yourself so lovingly, it should naturally be returned. oxo

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