Day 2297: Trust is …

Trust is  …


Intelligence and integrity tell me that trust is many different things to many different people.

Trust is something I felt yesterday, when I walked near our home during the day and then performed two of my original songs at an Open Mic in Boston in front of a very noisy, post-Boston Marathon crowd.
















Trust is important  if you perform in front of people.

Trust is part of expressing gratitude, so I trust you will accept my thanks for visiting my blog, here and now.




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14 thoughts on “Day 2297: Trust is …

  1. You handle crowds quite graciously, Ann! Good performance here, my friend. Not even dropped glasses in the post-Marathon crowd can deter your voice.

  2. It was wonderful that you trusted a few people to listen, and they did, while you dedicated your set to all those who kept talking throughout it.

  3. Thinking of Erickson I am governed by basic trust – that means I can get disappointed, but it is nevertheless far more comfortable than basic mistrust

  4. Trust is hard earned and ease to lose and break and something some people give to easy

  5. All of your scenery pictures make me think you are a busy person! I trust you are resting between adventures!

  6. You are so great in front of an audience, Ann. The talking would completely shut me down, and you just trust the energy your are giving is being received where it is intended to do good. I was very quiet and listened with great interest. 🙂

  7. Trust is Harley

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