Day 2296: You Call The Shots

Every day, in this blog, I call the shots.  That is, I decide

  • what shots to take with my iPhone,
  • what order to share them in,
  • what words to write,
  • what audio/video piece (usually involving music) fits the topic, and
  • how to express my gratitude.

People with my Myers Briggs type (ENFP) like calling the shots and being independent. However, we don’t like calling the shots for other people or other people calling the shots for us.  Therefore, I don’t like when people tell me what to do and I don’t like telling other people what to do.  Rather, I prefer suggestion, invitation, and possibility — leaving room for me and others to decide what’s best.

Here and now, I suggest that you call the shots you like best in my photos from yesterday.













Sometimes I take shots of and take shots at things I just don’t understand.

Girls Aloud “Call the Shots” here:


Tonight I’ll be a girl aloud calling the shots at a new Open Mic, singing two of my original songs.

Now I invite you to call the shots in the comment section, below.

As usual, I’m calling the shots on how to express my gratitude to all who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! — to YOU.


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15 thoughts on “Day 2296: You Call The Shots

  1. I’ll take a shot and figure that you’ll have a good day today, Ann.

  2. If I’d taken a shot at guessing I might have thought your Myers-Briggs type was ENFP, since that’s my type too. Or at least it is sometimes. My Myers-Briggs test results include ENTP, INTP, and INFP. My type seems to be scattershot, just as I’m so often scatterbrained.

  3. I don’t usually mind whether I or another calls the shots – as long as someone does

  4. You can call the shots, just don’t take pot shots at me

  5. Oscar calls the shots but Harley puts the foot down.

  6. interesting adventurous read… ok, it’s now time to call the shots on yourself 😂

  7. I’m an INTJ, so now you can see how awestruck I am at your winning (and willing) ways in front of an audience. I’m the one in the furthest back row cheering! LOL! I think the church sign (Lint/Lent) is hilarious. I hope the church is as friendly as the humor in the title. I also definitely hope open mic was a lot of fun for you, once again!

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