Day 2294: Many faces

Face it, I’ve written many blog posts about faces during these many year(s) of living non-judgmentally. I think and write so much about faces because our experiences of faces are vitally important to human beings as we develop and grow.

Yesterday, I was facing more thoughts about faces as I faced another day at work, where I  face a variety of expressive faces in individual and group therapy. I thought about faces I saw when I was young — loving faces, anxious faces, and angry faces — and how I tried to make sense of all the faces of human interaction.  I know that the loving faces helped me feel safe and secure, the anxious faces taught me to be cautious and careful, and the angry faces  eventually invited me to realize that people have a wide range of feelings.

As I thought about faces throughout the day, I noticed many faces around me.  What do you see in the faces in my photos?




















What we see in faces is often influenced by what we saw in the faces of our childhood.  However, we can learn to see faces in new, more expansive, and less restrictive ways.

Here‘s “Ooh La La” from a Faces reunion concert:


As those Faces sing:  “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.”

I look forward to seeing all the faces in the comments section, below.

Thanks to the great faces who helped me face and create today’s blog post and — of course! — thanks to YOU.




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23 thoughts on “Day 2294: Many faces

  1. i never sausage:))) ❤️

  2. I never sausage a collection of funny pictures, not since yesterday at least, but at the risk of seeing some sad faces here’s one of my favorite poems.

  3. Your post today made me think of something I left on my brother’s Facebook, when he said: “I need to learn how to teach my face to use its inside voice.” First I chuckled, then I wrote back: “Especially if you’re playing poker.”

    Faces can’t help it most of the time, even when they’re expressing things they are not aware of. Sometimes however, we express something totally different from what another person may assume. A sour stomach could look like disgust. In my opinion, it’s those micro-expressions that can trip us up; unless we’re not concerned with transparency that is.

    The one facial expression I feel is the more unmistakable however, is joy. It’s hard to hide the feeling of elation. Love seeing it, and standing close enough to it that a little of it rubs off on me. Super fantastic!

  4. I love the baseball faces–spring is finally here!

  5. Faces here, faces there, faces everywhere, just have one face not two, two faced people are not nice

  6. 😊 Two cat faces! Oscar and Haley! And now my face is very happy.

  7. Isaac

    As is often said in Morroco ( And, it might be said, anywhere): “I never sausage a chapeau, but your fez is familiar !”

  8. Let’s face it – I don’t get this use of ‘sausage’

  9. The way you face the world inspires me, Ann.

  10. You can face it with Oscar and Harley

  11. I love the Type A personality poster! 🙂 Thanks for helping me face the rest of my day with a smile, Ann.

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