Day 2291: Why? Why?

Why oh why am I writing a fourth blog post about Why?  Why am I linking to the previous three posts (here, here, and here)?

Why did I write “Why?” on two different white boards at work yesterday?



Why do white boards consistently get more difficult to erase?

Why were people in therapy yesterday asking so many WHY? questions, including:

Why is there so much traffic?

Why did it take me four times as long as usual to get here today?

Why do people back their cars into spaces in parking lots?

Why do people do what they do?

Why do I deliberately act like a mischievous child?

Why am I in so much pain?

Why am I in therapy?

Why aren’t other people in therapy?

Why did I take the rest of these pictures?


Why is it taking so much longer for me to access and transfer my photos? Why does that happen periodically?  Why does it bother me less each time it happens?

Why am I still having trouble writing that letter from the President for my professional organization’s newsletter?  Why did I start fresh yesterday with a new topic?  Why did Michael say he thought my first, abandoned topic  (the rejuvenation of Spring) was better? Why am I going to finish the second topic and then write another letter with the first topic if I have time? Why am I using the quote “If you want something to get done, give it to the busiest person” in my letter?

Why did I ask all the questions I did in this podcast (starting at 19 minutes and again at 28:34)?


Why did Michael not want to listen to that podcast last night? Probably for the same reason he doesn’t usually read this blog.   Why did I think I could find the post that explains that by searching on “Why Michael doesn’t read this blog”?

Why would you leave a comment today?

Why would I thank all those who help me write these posts and also YOU?  Why do you think?



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18 thoughts on “Day 2291: Why? Why?

  1. Why do I have a problem catching up with your lovely posts? I really don’t know why. (*´o`*)~♡

  2. Every day I realize there are so many things I don’t know, Ann.

    • Why are there so many things to learn, Mark? I’m glad there are people like you, my friend, who are so open and supportive.

  3. So many whys….i like the Spring idea too….

  4. Why do WordPress not leave things alone?

  5. When asked “Why?” some people like to answer, “Why not?” But I prefer to offer a more helpful answer. When people ask me, “Why?” I say, “Z.”

  6. I used to think “why me” a lot in the negative but not so much now days, yes I often still think “why me’ but in the positive, as in why am I so blessed or why am I so happy

  7. Why am I reading this a few days after you posted? I’m in Oakland visiting my son and family. And I will be home Monday and can’t wait to hear your podcast! 🙂

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