Day 2287: Actions speak louder than words

My first loud action in today’s blog is to share this photo of five words:


I’m just now noticing that “louder” is the quietest word in that sign.

My second loud action is to share many words about when to shut up!?


Are the actions in my remaining photos louder than the words?
















This might take several minutes to listen to the words and music in “Nobody’s Perfect” co-written by almost perfect social work intern Nat Shirley and me. Last night, Nat and I took the action of loudly performing our act at an Open Mic.

I look forward to your words and actions about today’s post.

Now, it’s time to take the action of loudly expressing words of gratitude to YOU.



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22 thoughts on “Day 2287: Actions speak louder than words

  1. ACTIONS do speak louder than words

  2. I love that list of When to Shut Up! wouldn’t this be an amazing world if we all always followed that list!?

  3. Another time to shut up: whenever Ann’s performing. And I’m sure I’ve shared this before because it’s one of my favorite movie moments, or maybe I haven’t, but, well, you know…

  4. Thank you, Ann, for your always remarkable actions and words.

  5. You know it!

  6. Just do it!

  7. I really like those tips about when to shut up. Thank you.

  8. when to shut up!? – golden rules right here! The most surprising one is the When you set a big goal. I’ve heard that a couple of times over the last few months. I’ve seen this play out so many times, especially with the advent of Facebook but I never put two and two together before. Friends announcing big goals and then just petering out. Very different to your check list though – that’s daily action! Love this post as always!!

  9. I really like the list of “Just for todays…” and that’s a place to begin each day, I think. And I’m becoming a “big fan” of well-placed silence. There’s a lot of noise out there. LOL!

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