Day 2321: Responsibilities

My responsibilities today include

  • letting you know I’ve never written a “Responsibilities” post before,
  • facilitating two Coping and Healing groups at work, and
  • sharing my photos from yesterday (which has recently become more difficult, for some unknown reason, and I don’t know if WordPress or my laptop are responsible).






My responsibilities, here and now, include telling you that “Responsibilities” was the topic chosen by yesterday’s Coping and Healing group, and that this is what I wrote in response to the question “What is your personal experience of responsibilities?”

I can be over responsible, which can get in the way of enjoying the present moment. “What do I have to do right now?”  “Nothing except be here, now, as best I can.” I am going to ask myself that question, with that answer, more often.

What is your personal experience of responsibilities?

I have a few more blogging responsibilities right now:  inviting you to be kind,


sharing this photo of Michael’s delicious chicken parmesan from last night,


… posting a song about responsibilities,

asking for comments, and expressing my thanks to all who helped me meet my responsibilities with today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.




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15 thoughts on “Day 2321: Responsibilities

  1. I love the Daily Tasks list!

    When I think about you, I think about how responsible you are for creating joy and curiousity in my life each day with your posts.

  2. Many years ago at work I had to deal with a new database that was released before it was ready and was full of bugs and other problems. The company that made it was so flooded with complaints they stopped answering their phones for three days. However the company had created an email list where users could share tips and tricks, and I joined in the chorus of kvetching.
    For some reason a representative of the company, who’d never sent a message to the list before, chose to reply to me directly in his response to the entire list. He said, “There is no such thing as a ‘bug’, only user error. It’s a new system with a lot of new functionality and you need to take responsibility for learning to use it.”
    It irks me that I was being lectured about responsibility from someone who wouldn’t take any, but fundamentally he was right. I can’t make someone else be responsible. I can only make the best with what I’m given. When it was came time to switch to a new system, though, we went with a different company, and it was that representative who was partly responsible.

  3. As the eldest of a family of five I have always taken responsibilities and have spent a lifetime learning that is not necessarily a good thing.

  4. I’ve always been a responsible person. Every time something went wrong I was told I was responsible!

  5. Michael is responsible for many delicious- looking meals featured in this blog and I think he is awesome.

  6. I hope your coping and healing workshops went particularly well today, Ann. That sounds like a very important responsibility! And for me, I have taken a major role in the before/after school care for my grandchildren. This is my most delightful responsibility! 🙂

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  8. I couldn’t hold myself responsible for sticking to one helping of Michael’s chicken parm, Ann.

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