Day 2284: People who ____ are happy.

I’m happy to start out my second blog post in a row with a generalization about people, inspired by a Yogi Tea quote. While yesterday’s blog post title (and Yogi Tea quote)  was “People who love are forgiving,” today’s is about people who are happy.

Before I share the Yogi Tea quote, I’m going to ask you to fill in the blank for “People who _____ are happy.”  Do you think the missing word is

  • forgive,
  • smile,
  • create,
  • share,
  • hope,
  • laugh,
  • look,
  • listen,
  • love,
  • live,
  • give,
  • strive,
  • accept,
  • play,
  • work,
  • inspire,
  • grow,
  • learn,
  • teach,
  • connect,
  • relax,
  • rest,
  • move,
  • ask,
  • nourish,
  • awaken,
  • gladden,
  • sing,
  • feel,
  • reveal, or
  • some other word?

I shall now reveal the Yogi Tea quote:

Do you happily love that or any of my other photos from yesterday?

I love the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Do you think that people who comment are happy? I think people who express gratitude daily are happy, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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21 thoughts on “Day 2284: People who ____ are happy.

  1. we are going to be doing a school wide day of happiness is.. the kids will be invited in a way that makes them happy, we are writing about it, listening to music about it, sharing it with each other, just celebrating happiness. and there couldn’t be a better celebration in my book.

  2. oops – invited to ‘dress’ in a way that makes them happy.

  3. I am happy now that I read this post today, and the one from yesterday Ann. Have a good day

  4. ‘listen’ is what came to me before I looked at your list

  5. People who allow themselves to be are happy, Ann.

  6. I hope that people who blog are happy. And that people who look after other people are happy.

  7. Looking through your list I wanted to fill in the blank with “all of the above and more”, but clearly love is the source of happiness.

  8. I’m happy when I create, laugh, relax, awaken and listen to music!

  9. I am happy and love, forgive, accept and many other things

  10. Well, the Yogi’s word, “Love,” is excellent. Prior to reading that, I filled in with “hope.” I must use that word a hundred times a week. And sometimes I simply say, “I live on hope.” I love the Pharrel song…never get tired of it!

  11. People who LIKE HARLEY are happy.

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