Day 2276: Big thinking

I’m thinking that it’s time for some big thinking, especially when there’s so much small thinking from big people.

Here’s what’s got me thinking about big thinking:


Let’s build on big thinking by avoiding small and petty thinking.

Do you see any big thinking in my other photos from yesterday?










Here‘s an animated book review of  The Magic of Thinking Big.

Here‘s “Thinking Big” by Alumo.

I’m looking forward to some big thinking in some small comments, below.

Big thanks to all who helped me create this big thinking post and — of course! — to YOU!


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25 thoughts on “Day 2276: Big thinking

  1. Here’s a big thanks for your grand blog, Ann.

  2. Rise above the small and petty and embrace the bigger picture. Love big thinking Ann!

  3. i’ve had to remember this during this past week, and put things into perspective. i’m making some life changes and have to remember that it’s never a smooth path. every time you grow it can be a bit uncomfortable, and then all of sudden, it all fits even better than before. no sense worrying about it. and wow, always worth it.

  4. Love the diddly squats!

  5. There were once giant dragonflies, with bodies a foot and a half long and wingspans of more than two feet, at a time when there was more oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere.
    That has me wondering what we could accomplish if we give each other more support–and find ways to allow our big ideas to breathe.

  6. Damn – the diddly squats remind me I haven’t done my m.p. session on the exercise bike

  7. p.m. that is

  8. I think big all the time. It is just that I have to break the thought into manageable bits to fit it into my head.

  9. I’m thinking big tonight about spring clothing. It will be warm. Sometime. Maybe in the next 8 weeks.

  10. I don’t think big nor do I think small, average is how I think

  11. I like the “Brain Spin” reminder. I’d like to see an epidemic of open minds, wouldn’t you? 🙂

  12. Yup, let’s do big thinking. I’m done with small ones. (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

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