Day 2275: You can’t please everyone

You can’t please everyone. Please remember that.

You can’t please everyone, so please yourself.

You can’t please everyone, especially if you don’t have enough time to do something well (like write a blog post after you’ve overslept).

I hope my photos today please somebody.


Version 2





It pleases me to share “Garden Party” by Ricky Nelson, with relevant lyrics for today.

I can’t please everyone but I can thank everyone, including you!

Version 3

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19 thoughts on “Day 2275: You can’t please everyone

  1. Thank you for quickly pleasing me with your blog on a day that I also got up a few minutes later than usual, Ann!

  2. I’m pleased that Ricky Nelson takes me back to my teenage friend’s snooker table

  3. It pleases me to comment on your blog.♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

  4. It just pleases me – that is all!

  5. Somewhere I read that llamas are so smart if you want to train one all you have to do is make a task look interesting, but what does a llama find interesting? As with most things I think it’s a matter of trying until you find what works–or at least what pleases you.

  6. I like to please other people but at times I fail

  7. I am well pleased by this to-the-point blog entry. Thank you!

  8. You can’t please everyone except Harley!

  9. You are always posting something pleasing! The no-drama llama is a winner! 🙂 And thank you for reminding me that I can’t please everyone. Sometimes it feels like we can’t please anyone! LOL!

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