Day 2274: It’s never what you expect

“Ir’s never what you expect” is what I expect my boyfriend Michael to say, along with these other expected sayings from Michael:

“It’s all coming together.”

“Everybody loves you.”

“But do you love …… OSCAR?” (whenever I tell Michael I love him).

“Has he shaved off his filthy beard?” (when I tell Michael that I’ve FaceTimed with my son, Aaron).

It’s never what I expect whenever I do my taxes, including yesterday, when I discovered that all that time and effort I had spent keeping track of  the usual job-related education expenses was for nought, because of changes to the U.S. tax laws.  After my tax software had prompted me to calculate and enter these expenses (like conferences, air travel, hotels,  meals) yesterday morning, it unexpectedly flashed a screen that said,

Because of tax reform, job-related expenses are no longer deductible, unless you are

  • A qualified performing artist .
  • A fee-basis state or local government official
  • A member of the National Guard or Military Reserve who had unreimbursed travel expenses for guard or reserve duties more than 100 miles from home
  • Disabled and claiming expenses related to the impairment
  • Provided with a minister housing allowance

I would have expected my tax software to tell me that BEFORE it prompted me, for about two hours, to enter all those expenses, but it’s never what you expect, is it?

I wonder if I’m a qualified performing artist because of the songs I’ve been writing, like this one:

I expect not.

My son Aaron told me yesterday not to expect to perform at the Edinburgh  Festival Fringe this August, because neither of us have received notice of an assigned show venue yet. Aaron expects that if you lower your expectations, you won’t be disappointed. I still expect to perform, somehow.

You probably expect me to post photos from yesterday, but these photos might not be what you expect.







You might expect to see photos of other cats here (namely Oscar and Harley), but it’s never what you expect.

You might expect me to express gratitude at the end of my daily blog posts. but did you expect all this?





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25 thoughts on “Day 2274: It’s never what you expect

  1. You squeezed your gratitude in there st the end of your post today!

  2. I didn’t expect Michael to call Aaron’s beard filthy, I didn’t expect you to include a sign singing the praises of Indian food after I had Indian food for dinner last night (although I did expect it to be delicious and it was), and I didn’t expect Aaron’s head to look like the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Clearly I never know what to expect, but I have hopes that you and Aaron will have venues in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    • I always expect to love your comments, Chris, and is it too much to expect that maybe we’ll share some Indian food someday?

      • I hope that’s not too much to expect. There are many reasons I’d like to visit Boston, not the least of which is you.

  3. I expect that you will perform in Edinburgh, Ann, even if the event is not “officially” Fringed with the Festival.

  4. It’s never what you expect because ‘Destiny’ turned out to be a stranger after all.

  5. Things are not often what is expected but that’s ok I am fine with that

  6. I didn’t expect Aaron to have more hair on his chin that his head. It looks anything but filthy! 😎 I do hope you get to strut your stuff in Edinburgh!

  7. Your software really let you down!
    Aaron shaved his head???!!! Very cute! (Also cute with more hair) I think he looks younger.

    • I expect Aaron to be cute and I expect you to be empathic, Maureen, but I let go of expectations about the details.

  8. I once got a tax refund I hadn’t expected. I rang my accountant and asked him what to do with it. “Bank it”, he replied

  9. Yes, but the best moments always happen unexpectedly.♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

  10. I overheard two women today discussing exactly what you just shared about the tax software, and the obstacles they faced with the new tax laws. They were so frustrated, as I would expect to be as well! You’re definitely an entertainer, and who decides who fits into that category? I still have my fingers crossed that you and Aaron will both be performing in Edinburgh. We need to practice as much optimism as possible, I think! 🙂

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