Day 2272: Anger and The Skill of Doing Nothing

Yesterday, in group and individual therapy, several people talked about anger. Those discussions included:

  • wishing there were some good role models for dealing with anger,
  • acknowledgement that the current U.S. President unprecedentedly expresses anger every day through Twitter or a microphone,
  • brainstorming better ways to deal with anger (like walking away, owning the anger, respectfully expressing the anger, or writing angry letters, emails, text, or tweets that one does NOT send),
  • recognizing that anger is just another feeling that should not be judged or repressed,
  • defining anger as the human response to one’s needs not being met,
  • realizing that judging or repressing anger blocks it from being discharged in a healthier way,
  • role-playing healthier expressions of anger,
  • deciding to deal with the “wish to break something” by going to a dollar store and buying an inexpensive breakable item, and
  • considering the skill of doing nothing.

I’m wondering if there will be any anger about the amount and quality of my photos today. If so, please consider expressing that anger in a healthy way.












Harley is contentedly demonstrating the skill of doing nothing.

Here‘s Johnny Duke covering James Taylor’s “Angry Blues:

If I were Johnny Duke, I might be angry about that having only 458 views and nine likes on YouTube. Maybe not, though, because he seems like a very cool cat.

Feel free to express yourself in the comments section, below, or to practice the skill of doing nothing.

I shall now practice the skill of expressing my thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.






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32 thoughts on “Day 2272: Anger and The Skill of Doing Nothing

  1. Doing nothing takes a lifetime’s practice

  2. and i consider doing nothing even more of an art than a skill )

  3. Doing nothing is easy to do when you’re not thinking
    Showing anger is easy to do when you’re not thinking
    The trick is, to actually start thinking

  4. Think about the good, Ann.

  5. No anger here Ann. Just appreciation for the helpful, and peaceful, suggestions. ā¤

  6. Ahh…what a coincidence. My joke today is about anger,

  7. Now I know what to do with our leftover matzos this year. Break them! In anger. In joy. In curiosity or boredom. Or just because that is what happens when you try to make almond-butter sandwiches!

  8. Sometimes I find in anger the best thing is to do nothing, but what really helps is the friend who’s willing to listen, who understands that I can’t help if it I don’t feel so good.

  9. Well, you really didn’t have to include that delicious picture of spaghetti & meatballs, did you? You did not expect me to sit here and do nothing when you tempt me to go to the kitchen and eat some comfort food, did you?

  10. Feeling angry is normal we all feel angry at times, how we deal with our anger is what matters, letting the anger over take us isn’t good because acting like an out of control fool isn’t nice

  11. Harley is the master at the skilled doing nothing…

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  13. Iā€™m practicing letting go of anger in advance of the emotions I feel will bubble up with what is likely to churn regarding the Mueller report. I have choices in how to respond so Iā€™m investing in some self talk! šŸ¤­

  14. In my second half of life I’ve realized that I’d often replaced hurt feelings with anger as a way of coping. I’m grateful to say I don’t do that anymore. When I’m hurt I allow myself to feel hurt. Then it’s easier for me to accept and deal with it when I really am angry.

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  16. TammyB

    Thank you for this post. Just what I needed. My anger got the best of me today. It is hard not to feel judged when it seems to have more consequences than other emotions. I hold it in for so long and it got away from me today.

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