Day 2270: You’re not going to die today

“You’re not going to die today” is

  • a helpful saying for some people with anxiety,
  • not true for everybody,
  • something I wrote and left up on a giant white board during a therapy group last week,


  • and the first part of this, now.


After yesterday’s post, I’m wondering if that feeds into denial.

Assuming we’re not going to die today, let’s look at my other photos from yesterday:














Here‘s “We Ain’t Gonna Die Today” by Atmosphere.

I’m wondering if you’re not going to leave a comment today.

Until the day I die, I have so much thanks for being alive and for you!


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24 thoughts on “Day 2270: You’re not going to die today

  1. Thanks for pumping life into us today, Ann!

  2. So good for all of us to remember each and every day- thanks for reminding us

  3. One of my favorite moments from the movie The Addams Family:
    Dr. Pinderschloss: But you are feeling zee little green monster.
    Gomez: Pugsley!
    Dr. Pinderschloss: Guilt.
    Guilt and the fear of death go together since death robs us of the chance to resolve the mistakes we’ve made, but if I’m not going to die today there’s still a chance to put guilt, and Pugsley, behind me.

    • I’m having trouble putting behind me my understanding that zee little green monster is jealousy, yet getting a comment from you is always one of my favorite moments, Chris.

  4. “You’re not going to die today” is a cheerful kind of fortune-telling. Maybe we should do more of that. But it might take practice.

    “You’re not going to be sad today,” is where I will start.

  5. It is good to remind some people that despite how the feel they are not going to die today, my dad worries each day if he is going to die.

  6. I woke up this morning. That was a good start!

  7. I wake up and say that to myself as soon as I put my feet on the floor. A little validation doesn’t hurt. And I said the same thing to my little flower-to-be seeds today. 😀🌸

  8. Well, I’m still here and it’s nearly 10 PM…

  9. I used to make my coworkers laugh when I’d leave the office saying, “I feel optimistic! I’m going to say I’ll see you tomorrow, and it’s probably true!” For some reason this always made us laugh. I do have a more optimistic nature, and today was my birthday, Ann. So much is said about aging, and all I can ever respond is that I’m just grateful to be here. There’s definitely more sand in the bottom of the hour glass than at the top, but as long as there are some grains left…LOL!

  10. I’m still here. (ღˇ◡ˇ)♥♥

  11. Harley, you’re right in that of all critters you’re not dying today

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