Day 2269: Denial

No denial here that I’ve already written one post titled “Denial.”

No denial here that I’m surprised I haven’t written more posts about denial, because there’s so much denial around, including understandable human denial about the devastating effects of climate change. It’s been difficult for me to remain in denial since I followed that link in my previous sentence to read that interview with David Wallace-Wells, the author of The Uninhabitable Earth. 

There’s definitely denial in my photos from yesterday.















Maybe I’m in denial, but I can’t find the Bee Gees “Nigt Fever” on YouTube, so here‘s “Stayin’ Alive” instead.

All your thoughts and emotions about denial are welcome, below.

Undeniable thanks to all who helped me create today’s denial post and — of course! — to YOU.


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24 thoughts on “Day 2269: Denial

  1. I can’t deny that I wish a better day for all, Ann.

  2. I won’t deny that thinking about the effects of climate change makes me sad. Your photos for today make me feel better. Btw, I’m visiting family here in Boston this week. I drive down Longwood Ave everyday and think of you, Ann.

  3. Both great songs. My favourite is How Deep is your Love. I have put up a post today. It would mean a lot if you could stop by to see it.

  4. Great memes here. The Cardinals is clever, and love the one about the Birth order Ducks. I read a book about that once. Is there any scientific or qualitative evidence of it?

  5. Climate change is undeniably a serious problem, but I also can’t deny that any mention of the Bee Gees reminds me of Kenny Everett, who was a friend of Freddy Mercury and makes a brief appearance in Bohemian Rhapsody, and who couldn’t deny his own love of the Bee Gees.

  6. I’m in denial that it’s almost the end of March already! I’m trying with all my resolve to SLOW DOWN and enjoy each day, thinking that perhaps I can tempt time to slow just a little bit. And yet warp speed? LOL!

  7. I haven’t heard the BeeGees in years!

  8. Remember when we couldn’t wait to be older strikes a chord. It is a wonder that I would not want to reverse the wish

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  10. i’m in denial that Harley rarely shows up here

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  12. I always thought denial is a river in Egypt. 😉

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