Day 2268: What do we value?

Today’s blog post, inspired by this photo …


… might seem like a logical extension of yesterday’s post, if logic is something you value.

I also value this opportunity to explore what we value and devalue in our culture, including older people.  During the  last few months, I have

  • heard  and read many jokes about older people, focusing on lack of ability, attractiveness, and other things we value,
  • defended the benefits of growing older to  groups of  younger people expressing nothing but fear about aging,
  • been told by an otherwise culturally sensitive younger person that “people of my generation” think and act a certain way, and
  • experienced my own internalized ageism, as I struggle against devaluing myself for looking and growing older.

What do I value about my photos from yesterday?


I value our home, so I took this photo yesterday of a water stain on the ceiling.  We want to watch that stain, so our home doesn’t decrease in value as we and our home age.


My friend Jenn values pugs and I value Jenn, so I take pug-related photos and send them to her.


I value cats, so I took this photo at the supermarket yesterday evening.  I also noticed a Life Magazine about Dogs and remarked to my valued boyfriend Michael that the Dogs Life Magazine cover did not promise a feature on “DOGS vs. CATS.”   Michael — who values dogs  and cats and who doesn’t value conflict — had nothing to say about that.


I took this photo because I value expressing joy,  and I assumed I would be able to use that image  very soon.  Sure enough, people I value shared some good news within the hour and I sent that image in an email.


I value great people and I value puns, so I knew I could use this in today’s blog post, no matter what the topic.


I value myself and other people, even when we’re procrastinating.  As is usual for me during this time of the year, I am procrastinating completing my taxes, because I value doing almost anything else more.


I value all the meals Michael makes for me, even leftovers, because they are so delicious!

I value this video I found on Youtube by searching for “what do we value ageism”:

… and this one:


What else do I value?  Your comments and expressing gratitude, here and now.





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25 thoughts on “Day 2268: What do we value?

  1. and i val-you!

  2. You have the right shots at the right time, a terrific pay off every morning, Ann.

  3. Value all of it Ann!

  4. I am happy to say that I no longer have to submit a tax return

  5. Because I teach high schoolers, I often hear the reverse conversations about ageism – people constantly degrading them. They hear it, and I can see them internalizing it. I constantly try to let my students know I value them.

  6. One of the most valuable lessons we can learn, I think, is that no two people are alike and that we can’t generalize about broad swaths of people–or even narrow swaths of people, or cats, or dogs.

  7. I value my eyes as they allow me to read your blog
    I value my hands as they type a comment
    i value my heart that beats to keep me alive

    • Please remember to value your brain – without which none of the above could apply! 😉

      Sometimes it’s the most important things are the easiest to overlook.

    • I value your amazing comments, Joanne.

  8. Umm…don’t watch that stain. Get up in your attic and on your roof and suss out the source…or better yet hire someone whose valuable advice will keep you dry and mold free…

  9. Arlingwoman beat me to it! 🙂 Don’t wait for it to get bigger and pose even bigger potential costs and problems for you both.

    Clearly, there is a definition of the word ‘sausage’ that i am totally unfamiliar with – since when did it become a verb??

    I value logic, however in today’s world i am constantly having to re-eVALUEate what constitutes ‘reasoned’ (or reasonable) logic. 😦

  10. You are a person of value, my friend. (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥ And thanks for sharing the two videos. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

  11. I value the way you make me think, Ann. Thank you! I think it’s important that we value ourselves and what we’ve earned in wisdom and experience, and perhaps with our own self-confidence we can give younger people a better picture of age. Let’s take the sting out of it! LOL!

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