Day 2267: You Matter to Me

You matter to me,  dear readers.

It also matters to me that six years ago, I wrote a blog post titled Day 133: Maybe anxiety means that something really matters to you. It matters to me to help explain anxiety to those who matter to me.

Michael, who matters to me, was matter-of-factly wearing this t-shirt yesterday:


“You matter to me” is a slogan at the hospital-based Primary Care Practice where I work.  Patients matter to me — that’s why I’m so happy to be part of a Patient Experience Task Force there. One of the other members of that task force, who is a patient, came up with the slogan “You matter to me.”

Here and now, who and what matters to you?

I looked at my other photos from yesterday and realized that “You matter to me” applies to all of them.













It matters to me that Harley —  our white and tiger kitty  who is very shy — didn’t run away while I was taking matters (and my iPhone camera)  into my own hands yesterday.

Someone I know once said she thought she mattered less to her family than the family’s cat.  Family matters.  We all matter, whether or not we know it.

It matters to me to repeat this photo from yesterday’s post:


Everything you think and feel matters, so consider sharing your thoughts and feelings about all these matters in a comment, below.

The musical Waitress — which includes the song “You Matter to Me” — matters to me.


Because you matter to me, it matters to me to express my gratitude to you.




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36 thoughts on “Day 2267: You Matter to Me

  1. And I can echo his shirt

  2. You matter. We matter. ♡(⁎ᐙॢ*)ॢ(*ॢᐕॢ⁎)♡

  3. Love that Cat!

  4. You matter to me!

  5. What matters to me about blogging is the mutual friendships that develop through comments on posts

  6. There’s something fitting in the fact that we’re all made of matter and that we all matter to each other.

  7. Gratitude for your matter Ann, have a nice Sunday!!!

  8. You matter to me.
    Thank you for this post.

  9. Luis del Castillo

    You and your wonderful blog matter to me

  10. lifeinkarolingston

    And you and your today post matter to me! 🙂

  11. Yes, so many people now matter to me because I read their blogs. It’s a nice expansion of friendship and love.

  12. Do I matter?
    I am not sure, if I do, I guess it depends on who you ask
    Your blog matters, that i do know

  13. Oscar and Harley matter to me!

  14. As son as I saw the title to your blogpost I immediately thought of the wonderful song from “Waitress.” You matter to me, Ann. I love my friends and family and I think we DO matter to one another. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

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  16. Family (including our fur family) and friends (real and online pals) matter the most to me:-)

  17. You matter to me Ann 💕

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