Day 2266: What was THAT all about?

What is today’s title all about?  It’s all about a conversation I had with Michael last night:

Michael: I’ve decided what I want on my tombstone.

Me: What?

Michael: “What was THAT all about?”

Me: That’s GREAT. I’ve decided what I want on my tombstone, too.

Michael: What?

Me: “I’m Exactly Where I’m Supposed to Be.”

If you had been all about when Michael and I were having that conversation, what might you have said about all of THAT?

When I searched all my previous blog posts for “What was that all about?” the second thing that came up was Day 967: The meaning of life. What was THAT all about?

What were all my photos from yesterday all about?



















What is that last photo all about?  It’s all about where I park my car (near Fenway Park). It’s also all about how I’m going to spend this evening — at a game night with other group therapists.  I’m game and all about that, although I’m also all about spending the weekend with Michael, as much as I can.

I’m all about my son Aaron, so here’s his second “Misheard Lyrics” video from many years ago:

I’m all about your comments, so please leave one below.

I’m all about gratitude, so thanks to all who were all about helping me create today’s post and — of course! — to all of  you!!



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17 thoughts on “Day 2266: What was THAT all about?

  1. Gene Phillips

    By chance, Sayoko and I are taking a long drive today to find a pair of graves so that we can meet a certain obligation, so tombstones have been a bit on my mind even though neither of us plan to have one. We have asked to be cremated and to have our remains scattered. I am content with my life having only a small impact on the world as long as it is a positive one, and for that to be the case, being kind is essential.

  2. Thank you for being about so much, Ann.

  3. The evil masterminds of Switzerland are asking, “What was that all about?” The real joy of the imagination is that some questions–like “a slow con or Walter?” are unanswerable–or is it really that there are so many answers?

    • There are evil masterminds of Switzerland? What is that all about? Or is that question unanswerable?

      There’s real joy here whenever you’re about, Chris.

  4. Well, I’d have been okay with the tombstone conversation. I’ve had all sorts of responses to making a will recently. It was about time. And it’s such a mess for someone if you don’t. So I bit the bullet and did it! So keep having those convos. What does Michael want on his tombstone anyway?

    • I’m with you, Lisa — I’m all about leaving a will to make it easier for those I leave behind. Michael said he wanted his tombstone to say:

      What was THAT all about?

      Maybe my tombstone could be next to his, saying “Damned if I know.”

  5. Tombstone conversation is a taboo for most Asians. I’ve seen some funny tombstones online. I can’t share it with my friends here. So, I’ll share them with you – “Told you I was sick”, “Died for not forwarding the text message to 10 people”, “Joke’s over – Let me out now”, “He loved bacon. Oh, and his wife and kids too”, “Damn, it’s dark down here”, “Jesus called and Kim answered”. LOL!

  6. I still love Aaron’s misheard lyrics. Every viewing is as fun as the first. “We all came out to Mom’s truck….”


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  8. I’d say that you and Michael have some very interesting topics of conversation! 🙂 I like the balance in the “You are not going to die today” message. Maybe I’m extra sensitive because i have a birthday this week…and they are coming at me so quickly. LOL!

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