Day 2261: Unconditional _________

I have an unconditional question: How would you unconditionally fill in the blank in today’s title?

In these conditions, I like to provide definitions, so here‘s one of “unconditional.”

unconditional  adjective
un·​con·​di·​tion·​al | \ ˌən-kən-ˈdish-nəl , -ˈdi-shə-nᵊl\
Definition of unconditional
not conditional or limited : ABSOLUTE, UNQUALIFIED
unconditional surrender
unconditional love

Yesterday, at a Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy Practice Development event — “Stealth Self-Care During the Therapeutic Hour with Doug Baker, LICSW” — I heard the terms “unconditional acceptance” and “unconditional well-being.”  I unconditionally accepted and appreciated learning  techniques — drawn from mindfulness and yoga — for accepting and improving the well-being of myself and also the people I work with.

I had unconditional acceptance for a helpful acronym somebody shared there — SLOW:

Soften face

Lower shoulders

Open heart and breath

Wilt fingers

I felt unconditional well-being after spending two hours softening my face, lowering my shoulders, opening my heart and breath, and wilting my fingers  in mindfulness practice yesterday, despite my conditional attitude towards Daylight Savings time changes.

I’m hoping for unconditional acceptance of the only two photos I took yesterday.



Michael prepared those burritos in challenging conditions last night, because he had forgotten to buy the  Mexican cheese and beans he wanted to use.   Instead, he substituted parmesan cheese and cannellini beans and conditionally named them “Fusion Burritos.” I unconditionally accepted them but he was more conditional about them.

I’m usually not in great condition the first Monday after a clock time change, but I an unconditional in my eagerness to get to work this morning.

There are many “Unconditional” songs on YouTube. Here‘s one of them, by Matt Maeson:


Unconditional thanks to all who helped me create this “unconditional” post and — of course! — to YOU.



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17 thoughts on “Day 2261: Unconditional _________

  1. Love fills in the blank in my head, Ann.

  2. Life

  3. First word that came to mind for me was love as well.

  4. Support ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

  5. Unconditional reward for this fluffy squeezable cat

  6. Unconditional happiness. Also the word “unconditional” reminds me of the legend of “Unconditional Surrender Grant” and James Thurber’s very funny story “If Grant Had Been Drinking At Appomattox”, which makes me laugh unconditionally.
    It’s a great example of a story where the ending is obvious but the pleasure is all in the telling, unlike Michael’s burritos where part of the pleasure must have been how good they were.

  7. Of course it has to be love it is what I feel for my daughters and grandchildren and of course my parents

  8. I think I relate to “love,” also. I believe that I have unconditional love for my children and grandchildren. I hope that it is never necessary to test that belief!

    I love the burritos! I’m going to try that on purpose, not just because I don’t have the traditional ingredients. Hope you’re getting a little extra rest tonight to make up for the time change loss! 🙂

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