Day 2260: They say …

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


They say turning the clocks forward (as we did last night) is not good for our health, but it didn’t kill us. Would they say that made us stronger, along with every other thing we’ve done, not done, felt, thought, sensed, and encountered in our lives?   I say we all must be very strong.

They say it’s impossible to be sure of anything except death and taxes. I started working on my 2018 taxes yesterday, so I’m  a little closer to both, here and now.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If what they say is true, get ready for at least fourteen thousand words.















They say that falling in love is wonderful.

Kent Hewitt says “They Say It’s Wonderful” by Irving Berlin is perfect in every way.

They say this and they say that.  What do you say?

They say always say please and thank you, so please accept my thanks to all the theys who helped me create this “They say …” post and, of course, to YOU.




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25 thoughts on “Day 2260: They say …

  1. I need a good melt, Ann, and I’m not talking about Hungry Hungry.

  2. I feel the loss of that hour…. even though I went to be early… but 10:30 was really 11:30 so maybe it wasn’t so early after all… did that donkey end up on top of that snow bank??

    • That donkey is on top of a large rock in front of a nearby house and I say that I love taking photos of it. I also say that I love your photos, Lisa, and the words you say on WordPress.

  3. The film Conan The Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzanegger opens with the quote, “That which does not kill me makes me stronger–Nietzsche”. I knew a college professor who went to see it and thought that was very funny. He said, “I guess they were trying to put a little intellect in their sword and sorcery.” Who “they” were is a mystery–maybe it was Conan’s creator, Robert E. Howard. Sometimes I think I should read some of the original Conan stories. It wouldn’t kill me. It probably wouldn’t even hurt.

  4. I misread your opening line as “they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stranger.”

    Well that, I thought, explains everything!

  5. They say this and they say that but who the hell are they………………

  6. Don’t get me started on Daylights Savings–I woke up this morning and the first words out of my mouth were “Ugh–I hate Daylight Savings Time! I want my hour back!” I love all the pictures of the stuffed animals though–almost makes up for the lost hour:-)

  7. They say the spring is arriving early. The spring equinox is in 10 days, and so with snow still on the ground, I’m not sure we should have listened to what they had to say! 🙂 Your photo with the snow with the beautiful blue water is delicious tranquil. Lovely, Ann!

  8. Ah, that young Frank Sinatra had such a pure voice, didn’t he? Thanks for the walk down memory lane. ❤

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  10. They say time and tide wait for no man. ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  11. I’m looking out my window at 6:22p and the sun is shining. I say it makes me stronger and livelier. Wonderful photos, Ann.

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