Day 2252: Open

As you open today’s daily blog, what are you open to? Are you open to new information?  Challenges to your assumptions?  Dissenting and different opinions? Difficult experiences?  Transforming old and unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviors?  Balancing your needs with other people’s needs? Self care and care for others? Whimsy? Wonder? Curiosity? Trying new things?

Yesterday, I was open to meeting wonderful WordPress blogger Debra in Los Angeles during an opening in my group therapy conference schedule.  We were both open to hugging each other, even though we had never met outside the blogosphere before. Debra brought me a present which I was happy to open and we were both open to accepting help from a stranger to take a photo. We  talked about the importance of remaining open to  multitudes of opportunity for change and growth throughout our lives.  I opened up with Debra and told her that I look for the word “open” when I’m open to capturing images with my camera.

After I met Debra, I was open to attending the Friday night dance of dozens of group therapists at the conference I’m attending. I expected to be too exhausted to stay long, but I love to dance, so I was open to getting on the dance floor when invited.  I was open to the surprising realization that I was able to keep up with the other dancing group therapists for over an hour, despite health challenges and my age.

Are you open to seeing all my photos from yesterday?










That’s Erica, an incoming President from another local affiliate of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, who was open to posing with me and a flamingo last night at the dance. Erica is open to receiving my daily blog in her email but I don’t know how often she opens it. Erica seemed open to the idea that we both use the image above for our official presidential photos.

What YouTube music video would you like to open this morning? I am open to learning that  Van Morrison and Pete Townsend wrote and sing different songs about how love can open the door to your heart (here and here).

I am open to reading any comment you make, below.

I may not open these posts with gratitude but I always close with thanks to those who help me create this blog and the sweet wonderful people  who read it (including Debra, Erica, and YOU)!



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32 thoughts on “Day 2252: Open

  1. Sweet wonderful you! Always nice to see a genuine smile too.

  2. I do love Van Morrison’s music……. It’s been 100’C for 4 days in a row, hot and getting hotter, but my front door is still open to all visitors !!

  3. I’m sure there’ll be no dissent if I say the reason you contain multitudes is because you’re open to so many experiences. And I’m glad those experiences include meeting such amazing people as Debra and Erica.

  4. It’s so easy Ann, “open the door”, thanks for sharing and congratulations for your group therapy conference!!!

  5. I really like the craziness of The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild and buy their Freedom Soap–“for the dirt poor and the filthy rich!”

  6. Yes, I live an “open life” with an ever ready “open heart” – and I love this post. Is the lady in gray with you in red – your sister? Or are you the one in gray with the name tag? You two have the same smile.

    • I love that you’re open to seeing the same smile in fellow blogger Debra and in me. I was in gray and Debra was in red when we met for the first time yesterday. I’m open to meeting you someday, Jan!

  7. I applaud your open-mindedness about all of this, Ann.

  8. So cool to be able to meet in person!

  9. What an interesting life you lead! And, how wonderful that you and Debra met in person. I feel that meeting on a blog is meeting in person, too, but it’s nice to do that in the physical world. (hug)

  10. “Open” is the perfect word to associate with you, Ann. Within seconds of meeting you in person it was very clear to me that you lead with an open heart and spirit, and it was absolutely wonderful to be with someone as affirming as you are. I will treasure our visit, and consider it a gift that will grow in the future. Thank you for such a lovely and OPEN post. 🙂

    • Thank you for such a lovely and open comment, Debra. All the feelings and thoughts you openly expressed here are mutual. I am so glad we were open to meeting up in L.A., and I am happily open to all future encounters with your open heart and open spirit. ❤

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  13. Cheers to you meeting Debra – something I hope to do some day. Love the title of your session!!! Oh how timely we all know.

  14. Thanks to Debra I OPENED up your post and felt a sweet warmth of companionship, reading your words. Of course, it helped that the post opened with one of my favorite quotes – Whitman’s “I contain multitudes.” My goal every day is to be open to all possibilities, and to share my multitudes.

  15. Open heart = open mind. (灬♥ω♥灬)

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