Day 2245: Desperation

There’s been a lot of desperation around here lately. Are you noticing desperation where you are?

Here’s one source of my desperation: I’m wondering if I control the universe with my anxiety.    When I am anxious about something (like planning a dinner in Los Angeles, for example), things seem to go wrong.

I also have desperation about my inability to write something on this blog without using the word “thing.”

Michael has been experiencing desperation about charging his laptop — for days, he has had to anchor the charging cord in intricate ways to  get any charge.


Yesterday, a replacement charging cord came in the mail and Michael said, “I’m going to keep that as an art installation called “Desperation.'”

Do you see desperation in my other photos from yesterday?
































If you want to make a peep about desperation or anything else, please comment below.

Also, Dr. Matthew Salzler at Tufts Medical Center dispersed any desperation I might have about my healing rotator cuff,  a year after my falling and tearing it.

Out of desperation about not having any new ideas of how to celebrate my son’s birthday (he’s turning 21 today!) on this blog, I’m sharing, again,  his misheard lyrics of “Louie Louie” on YouTube.

Here’s a comment from somebody who might have had some desperation looking for my son’s video until finally finding it:

Deku Tree
8 months ago
I finally found you this is a weird story so sit tight

I was in a music class in elementary school and the teacher there wanted our next song we sang to be Louie Louie he then told us a story about how the song had weird misheard lyrics and showed the class this very video to show us what the misheard lyrics were and I finally found it when I was watching a video on YouTube for weird misheard lyrics throughout history and my mind thought about this video and I thought “I know the in’s and out’s of YouTube now I’ll try to find it.” and I did yes! It wasn’t even that hard to find I was just lazy back when I was a kid and didn’t look very hard now I have liked the video from my memory’s finally.

No desperation at the end of this blog post, just gratitude for all who helped me create it and — of course! — YOU.



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16 thoughts on “Day 2245: Desperation

  1. I am leaving a comment on my own post out of desperation.

  2. It’s been so long since I heard Louie, Louie that I grinned through the whole thing. Not sure anyone knows the lyrics to that song. But that causes me no anxiety. Your x-rays, however, with all their attendant wires would. I don’t think my anxiety controls anything. If it did, things would run much more smoothly.

  3. In Mr. Holland’s Opus Richard Dreyfus says “Louie, Louie” is terrible, but adds, “These guys are playing with everything they have and they’re having fun. They love it, so we love it.” Letting go of desperation can be the key to overcome catastrophizing, self-judgment, and other cognitive distortions.
    I’m desperate to somehow connect that to the word “mondegreen” which is the term for Aaron’s misheard lyrics but I can’t think of a connection so I’ll just let it go.

    • You, Chris, are usually playing with everything you have and having fun. You love it, so we love it. And no need for desperation.

  4. No desperation here or felt by little ole me or should that read short fat old me………lol

  5. I get a charge out of Michael’s life-is-art choice, Ann!

  6. Desperation or Desperado?

  7. Desperation isn’t something I’ve felt recently, but I know it well in other times and situations. I’m pulling for you, Ann!

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