Day 2242: Stress balls

What are stress balls?  Are they squishy balls that you can squeeze when you’re stressed?


Are they creatures who are feeling lots of stress?


Harley does not look like a stress ball in that photo, but usually he stresses and runs away when I try to take a picture of him.

Even stress balls, like Harley, can relax at times.

I’m a stress ball today because I have to do many things (including giving a presentation about my therapy groups, singing songs in meetings,  running a board meeting, preparing for a trip to L.A., planning a dinner in L.A., and more) all while dealing with a bout of insomnia and some ambivalence about possible choices.

What helps when you’re a stress ball, besides squeezing a stress ball? My niece Julie, of The Joy Source, suggests changing the words “have to” (see previous paragraph) to “get to.” So, it’s not that I have to do many thing (including giving a presentation, etc.) , it’s that I get to do many things (including giving a presentation, etc.).  That shifts me from being a stress ball about too many obligations to being grateful about having the opportunity to do all those things, connecting me with confidence in my skills to get things done adequately enough.

I don’t have to share my other photos from yesterday, but I’m glad I get to share them with you.









Here‘s what YouTube gives me for “stress ball song”:


Somehow, I’m not a stress ball any more.

What helps you be less of a stress ball?

Thanks to all who helped me stress less by stressing all the things I stressed in this “stress balls” post and — of course! — YOU.




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19 thoughts on “Day 2242: Stress balls

  1. I just brought out a tomato stress ball for my granddaughter. We had purchased it together at the Heinz History Center gift shop before Christmas. I guess she didn’t really need it cause she Left it at my house but just liked the feel of it. I’m going to give it a squeeze today. Stress balls for everyone, just to have on hand if you read the news.

  2. Oh, the power of two little words, Ann! I’m so glad I get to hear the way we can think from you.

  3. Janis Moulton

    I love the idea of saying “get to” instead of “have to”. I really need to remember this. Thanks!

  4. Laughter is my biggest reliever of stress.

  5. Squishy balls and toys are cool, not that I own any

  6. Ding Dong! Shift shift shift. I get to. What I love about these three words is that they put me in choice. I accept that I’ve chosen to do this or that. It takes the pressure off doesn’t it? What freedom!!!

  7. I’d like a Harley stress ball deluxe please.

  8. When my life gets too full I also feel stress, Ann. I like to enjoy a slower pace, and sometimes it’s necessary to speed up just to get it all in! Sometimes I need to stop in my tracks and begin to shift my priorities, and then I can breathe a little lighter! Harley seems to have the right idea! 🙂

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