Day 2241: Probable

Yesterday, I shared with my boyfriend Michael the latest catastrophizing fear in my brain.  Michael listened and then responded:

That sounds probable.

It’s probable that Michael was being sarcastic and it’s probable that I will continue to seek out Michael when I’m catastrophizing because it’s probable he will say something helpful.

It’s probable that I will continue to blog daily because that helps me, too.

It’s probable that I will snap photos and share them with you.















It’s probable that Michael is going to make something delicious for dinner, like those burritos.


I don’t know how probable it is that we’ll get a dog some day because of, you know, the cats.


It’s probable that comedian Pete Holmes is visiting Lexington High School in that scene from his excellent show Crashing (even though I initially thought it was probable that was my son’s high school, instead).

According to my news feed, it’s probable that  many people will be running for U.S. President in 2020.

It seems probable, to me, that unless we human beings drastically change our behaviors, the future might look like the movie WALL-E.

It’s probable that my day at work today will be different from WALL-E’s.

It’s probable that some of my readers will comment and it’s more than probable that I’ll express gratitude to all who helped me create this “probable” post and — of course! — to YOU.



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18 thoughts on “Day 2241: Probable

  1. I wonder if that Crushed Tomatoes can got crushed by accident or by somebody with a sense of purpose, Ann.

  2. Crushing tins before recycling is advised – not before opening

  3. You know what is probable that I will like this post and any post you do because you rock

  4. Arthur C. Clarke said we can always say something happens but we can never with any certainty say anything won’t happen–some things are just less likely than others. For instance I never would have guessed Michael would respond to your catastrophizing by calling it “probable”, and yet it happened. And after reading that I thought it very probable that you’d include the J. Geils Band’s “Love Stinks”, and yet it didn’t happen. Clearly it’s an unpredictable universe.

  5. It’s probably that Michael is an excellent sounding board. It’s highly improbably that I would by butter in the shape of a turkey.

  6. I meant improbable. Goodness auto correct has become a pitfall to watch out for.

  7. It’s probable that I am going to respond to this blog with a back atcha… thank you!

  8. It’s probable that cats are involved somehow

  9. It’s probable that I am going to hunt down a turkey butter sculpture next Thanksgiving. I love that! 🙂

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