Day 2240: Take time to reflect

In the midst of all the action in yesterday’s petty post, there was this invitation to take time to reflect:


You may not have noticed that good advice from this good book:


because I was guilty of reflecting it on its side, like this:


I didn’t take time to reflect those two page  in their correct orientation yesterday, because there was so much petty information I wanted to share.

Like Wilma, I believe it is important to take time to reflect, even in the midst of emergencies and adventures.   Today, I have a day off from work because of Presidents Day, so I can take time to reflect.  My boyfriend Michael, who definitely takes time to reflect, asked me to reflect on who were my most favorite and least favorite U.S. Presidents.

If you take time to reflect, how would you answer Michael’s question?

I’m  going to take time to share something else Michael reflected: “These days everything seems sinister to me.”  I took time to reflect Michael’s feelings and then to ask him if I seemed sinister to him.  When he said no, I took time to reflect  that I AM sinister, because “sinister” means “left-handed” in Latin.

I take time to reflect my gratitude that there is less bias against left-handed people than there used to be.

Please take time to reflect on these recent, previously unreflected photos:
















I take time to reflect when I drive and when I ride, especially when there’s snow on the ground.

I take time to reflect that a week from now I will be in Los Angeles, taking time to reflect with many other group therapists about the work we do.

Last night, I took time to reflect to Michael  how much I love this performance of “In France They Kiss on Main Street” with my favorites Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny,  Lyle Mays, and Jaco Pastorius.

I’m taking time to reflect that Pat and Lyle looked like that when I first saw them at the Paradise in Boston, decades ago.

Please take time to reflect your thoughts and feelings in a comment, below.

As usual, I take time at the end of each post to reflect gratitude towards all who help me create this reflective blog and — of course! — YOU.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2240: Take time to reflect

  1. Cheers of gratitude to great presidents past and future, Ann!

  2. I guess I’m a sinister person as well and am grateful that I’m no longer chastised for being left handed. I can only guess who your least favourite president is.

  3. I take time to reflect or ‘weigh in’ on the pug’s visit. I bet Oscar was taking notes.

  4. I’ve been reflecting of my pile of messy words today, time to take action !!

  5. Favorite president…maybe Jimmy Carter in his post-president phase. Lots of historical folks, of course, but I was thinking of the ones I knew as president and out of office. I do miss Obama! And Joni Mitchell looked like she was having a great time on that stage–sounded like it too. I too am sinister, but use both hands to an extent that if I’m trying to do something and it doesn’t feel right, I change hands…Happy reflections, Ann.

  6. Saturday I shared a story with my writing group and one of the comments someone wrote on it was, “It’s funny if you don’t think about it too much.” I’ve been reflecting on that ever since. Was that a compliment or not? Now, though, I find myself reflecting on how much I love Joni Mitchell’s music and the question, what does one call a group of pugs? It reminds me of the old joke about some Oxford linguists who see a group of ladies of the evening and debate whether they should be called a jam of tarts, a flourish of strumpets, or an essay of trollops. I’m either too reflective or not reflective enough; such mental meanderings are a reflex.

  7. Reflecting on a day’s happenings can be good or it can give us a bloody headache, when that happens it isn’t so good

  8. We’ve been untypically cold and wet here in Los Angeles, and I hope by the time you arrive we can at least offer you a little warmth! Your conference is just a few minutes from the Disney Concert Hall, and with your interest in music, I think you’d at least enjoy a brief look! If you do, ask for how to get to the top and enjoy the garden view. Just a suggestion–if it’s not raining. 🙂 I’ll reflect upon you having a good conference and an enjoyable time.

    • I am taking time to reflect back an answer to you, Debra, almost two years after you made it. I am also taking time to reflect on how wonderful it was to meet you in L.A. ❤ ❤

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