Day 2237: Declaring a National Emergency

There’s a lot in the news, here and now, about declaring a national emergency.

Last night, in a therapy group, people were declaring that the U.S. President declaring a national emergency seemed like a national emergency to them.  Some people declared that the election of Donald Trump  seemed more like a national emergency than 9/11. Somebody else declared that the U.S. President setting the precedent of declaring this national emergency paved the way for a national emergency about climate change.

I’m declaring a national emergency of worry, shame, and guilt.


I’m declaring that the people I meet, every day, who suffer worry, shame, and guilt are not  people who deserve to have those excessively painful feelings.  I’m declaring that I’m doubtful that the people declaring a national emergency today have worry, shame, and guilt about that.

Are there any other emergencies declared in my other photos from yesterday?








I’m declaring a national emergency of peace and love.

Here is “State of Emergency” by Phil Gawen.

Here is “National Emergency” by the Deplorable Choir.


Here is “The Ballad of the Wall” by The Parody Project.


What national emergency might you declare? I’m declaring there’s a space for your declarations in the comments section, below.

I’m declaring my thanks to all those who helped me share the declarations in today’s post and — of course! — YOU.


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17 thoughts on “Day 2237: Declaring a National Emergency

  1. He is the national emergency

  2. I do declare that I yield the floor to your well-said thoughts today, Ann.

  3. A coworker used to have a sign in her cubicle that said, “Your failure to plan is not my emergency.”
    It was a useful reminder to be responsible, to think carefully about consequences, and, now and perhaps most importantly, to not declare something an emergency when it isn’t.

  4. Stupidity, we have a national emergency as the intelligence of our leadership is falling fast.

  5. When I heard this I thought how stupid and trust Trump to do that

  6. I have such a sense of alarm over everything this disaster of a President brings into our lives, that this new “emergency” hardly makes a difference to me. I’m not resigned to accept it, I simply can’t elevate it to my own emergency. I think in part I hope he stays focused on this a while. Maybe while he’s bobbing and weaving over this he won’t enact any other policy we’ll have to live with. What a mess! I am very sorry for people who are feeling direct impact from his decisions. I really do hurt for them!

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  8. The deplorable choir is a hoot, as is the band using the battle of New Orleans. I think there are a lot of things wrong, and most of them aren’t emergencies, because you can’t put off action on an emergency. I hope 45 gets his *ss kicked in court. Can’t wait for him to be out of office.

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