Day 2235: You look like ____

Yesterday, when it looked like I was looking at a difficult drive home through a scary-looking snowstorm and  I looked like I needed some hot chocolate, I looked and saw this:


Everybody looks like they’d love a free drink, don’t they?

I don’t know what you look like as you’re reading this but I rarely know what I look like, especially these days, when my looks have been changing.  My boyfriend Michael, who looks like a wonderful person, has had trouble recognizing me when he looks for me in the supermarket when we’re food shopping.

On Sunday, my life-long friend Arnie, who looks beautiful to me,  took me on a walk to look at a poster of somebody he thought looked like me.  He had looked at that poster, very near to where he lives, for many months and thought “That looks like Ann” until he was inspired to call me and reconnect with me after six years.

You look like you’d love to see that poster and what I look like now, next to it.



I don’t know what that looked like to people in  busy Coolidge Corner on Sunday.

Look, I don’t think I look like her but, like her, I have tamed brows and am wild at heart.

An hour before Arnie took that photo, I looked like a guilty person when the Brookline police stopped me for looking at my phone while I was driving a few yards from that poster.  It looked like I might get a ticket, but the two policewomen, who looked kind and reasonable, gave me a warning. It looks like I won’t look at my phone any more when I’m driving.

You look like you’d like to see my other new photos from yesterday.










You look like you’d like some of that home-made chili and like you’d like to hear “You Look Like I Need a Drink” by Justin Moore.

I look like I need a comment from you. Look below to leave one.

You look like you’re expecting me to express my thanks  to all who helped me create the looks in today’s blog post and — of course! — to YOU, for taking a look, here and now.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2235: You look like ____

  1. There is a bit of a difference in the amount of clothing between you and the model on the poster. She might be cold in Boston in the winter…

  2. The perspective of that picture makes you look as though you have no legs, and are hovering! Did you take up the offer of the free wax?

  3. You look like you have Harley as compass in your house!

  4. You do look like the woman in the picture, and I hope people in pedestrian-friendly Coolidge Corner were delighted. And I’m at a loss trying to remember who it was that first said “You look like I need a drink.” I think it was Tallulah Bankhead and, looking at her well-tamed brows and yours, I do see some resemblance.

  5. What do I look like this morning, well I am still in my nightie and sleep pants, no shoe, reading glasses on my face and my body shaking, can you picture me, no, oh well………..

  6. Ann, With the passing years our outward appearances change with age and any other influences from without that may alter our countenances. Yet imagine if there were no mirrors for us to look upon ourselves. We would only know that the we that we are…are. The I that I am…is. The only thing that we cannot look upon all our lives, without some aid, be it another person to describe us or a mirror….. is ourselves. God never gave us a mirror from which to reflect other than natural still water. The young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. And how well did that work out. God meant for us to dwell on that which is outside ourselves. For one should aspire to seeking goals and reaching out to others. The only value in looking inward is to take stock of ourselves, insuring that when we put our hands to the plow we keep our eyes straight ahead.

  7. You look like a wonderful friend, Ann.

  8. You look like a perfect replica, Ann

  9. You look lucky! So glad you didn’t get that ticket. And lucky, too, to have had that delicious dinner. 🙂

  10. I agree with Arnie

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