Day 2228: Choices

Exactly two hundred and seventy-one days/posts ago (but whose choice is it to count?), I published a post titled “Choices” in which I chose to share an exercise about the topic of “Choices” from a therapy group the day before.   Today, my repetitive choice is to mention yesterday’s therapy group, wherein people made choices to focus on the topic “Choices” from all the topics discussed and to share (1) important choices from the past, (2) choices coming up for them, and (3) what makes choices more difficult or easier.

My photographic choices yesterday included these choice images:












Note that a patient made the choice of “anticipation” over “hopelessness” from the feeling chart on my office door:


Also, I didn’t make the choice to photograph my list of important life choices, which included:

  • Going back to social work school to become a therapist in the 1990s,
  • Deciding to specialize in group therapy, and
  • Developing my Coping and Healing groups.

What important life choices have you made?

Earlier this week, I made the choice to ask Nat —  a social work intern and fellow musician —  to write a song with me, which we will choose to perform together, singing close and choice harmonies, at a future open mic..  Together Nat and I have already made some choices including this one:  I write the lyrics and Nat writes the music.

My choice is to share these lyrics with you:

Nobody’s Perfect

lyrics by Ann Koplow

Nobody’s perfect

Even us two.

We try to be perfect

But that doesn’t do.

We both make mistakes,

In that, we’re like you.

Nobody’s perfect.

That’s perfectly true.

Nobody’s perfect,

Including your friends.

If you’re looking for perfection

Those friendships might end.

Your friends make mistakes,

In that, they’re like you.

Nobody’s perfect.

That’s perfectly true.

Perfectionism makes us imperfectly judgy,

Rigid, unhappy, refusing to budge-y,

It makes thoughts and feelings uncomfortably sludgey

With harsh self-flagellation even if you’re just pudgy.

Nobody’s perfect,

Even a star.

Stars may need to look perfect

But they seldom are.

They all make mistakes,

In that they’re  like you.

Nobody’s perfect

And that’s perfectly true.

© Ann Koplow, 2019

Nat chose to tell me he’s glad we’re writing a song together with the choice words “self-flagellation.”

Nat made the choice yesterday to send me some choice music he’s already composed for “Nobody’s Perfect.” Soon, we’ll be making  more musical choices together, including featuring the choice fiddle stylings of our talented co-worker, Alice Malone.

Other people have made the choice to write songs titled “Nobody’s Perfect” including this one:

I wonder what choices my readers will make in the comments section, below.

As always, I make the choice to end my posts with gratitude for all those who helped me create this post and — of course! — YOU, for making the choice to visit this blog, here and now.


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24 thoughts on “Day 2228: Choices

  1. and i always choose to read your brilliant blog, and have a cat, and eat crab cakes. and also going back to school at 40 to change careers and become a teacher. all choices that make my world so much better. thanks for being a part of that.

  2. His team mates chose the nickname ‘Nobody’ for former Australian rugby captain, John Eales. That is because they thought he was perfect – so did many others

  3. Love those lyrics and dinner choice❣️Life changing choices have come in cycles of 8 years in my adult life. Leaving home for University… moving to England from Scotland… coming to the US and finding out who I am without working… finding a new career as a cross cultural trainer… then a life coach… and then becoming a yoga teacher… who became a mentor.

  4. I’m glad I chose to become friends with you, Ann.

  5. What great choices you made for your lyrics Ann! And your life!

  6. Given the choice I’d happily choose any one of your songs, which reminds me of the old saying: you can pick your friends and you can pick a fruit but a guitar player always needs a pick.

  7. So many choices in life making the right choice is difficult for some though

  8. A thumbs up to your blog post and all the comments you inspire in people 🙂

  9. Yes, choices, choices, choices! And when nothing goes right, go left. LOL! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

  10. Oscar, I agree with your choices!

  11. I noticed in your list your important decision to go back to increase your social work education. I went back to school about the same time to get a Masters Degree, and moved from early childhood education to higher ed. At the time it took a lot of coordinating to make the move and stick it out. But more important in my mind…are those crab cakes? LOL! Michael has an admirer on the west coast. 🙂

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