Day 2227: Sux

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of news that sux.   That news has included:

  • the premature death of a lovely woman I’ve known for years,
  • injustice in the legal system,
  • a diagnosis of brain cancer for another beloved friend,
  • the appointment of a fossil fuels lobbyist to the U.S. Cabinet as Secretary of the Interior, and
  • pretty much all the news in the media, which I’ve been trying to avoid.

When there’s so much news that sux, it helps me to share my feelings and thoughts with others.  Right before I started writing this post, a friend and I wrote “Sux” to each other on Messenger.

It also helps me to take in  and share what’s not sucking around me.

It sux when somebody posts photos in a blog post that are difficult to read.  If you want to suck in more of what’s going on in any of those pictures, please suck it in and click on it.

It sux when there are demons in your life, but there always are, so why not name them, as suggested by that mindfulness card, above?  When I first read the front of that card “Name the demons,” I sucked in my breath as I imagined naming them “Fred,” “Gertrude” or “Charlie.”

It sux that I have to get to work early this morning, so here’s what I can quickly find on YouTube for “Sux.”


Here’s what comes up for “Sux Music”:

I notice connections  between those two “sux” videos about what sux.

It never sux to experience and express gratitude for what you do have, so thanks to all who helped me write this “”Sux” post and — of course! — to YOU.





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23 thoughts on “Day 2227: Sux

  1. Exhale all that sux, Ann.

  2. Didn’t know sux could make a good post! Life can get pretty sucky. Sending a not too sucky hug your way Ann ❤️

  3. I am sorry to hear of the loss of a ypung person and the grave diagnosis of brain cancer of your friend, Ann. 💔❤️💔

  4. The Sioux City, Iowa airport has the designation SUX, which for years has been controversial, but some have decided to embrace it and, according to Wikipedia, “The airport now sells merchandise with the words ‘Fly SUX’.”
    I know it’s not always easy but sometimes we have to go through SUX to get to a destination. And I know I’ll be embracing the idea that negative thoughts sometimes “make guest appearances in our minds”. I’m going to try and give those negative thoughts funny theme music, or I’ll try to be like Dick Cavett when he said to Norman Mailer, “Why don’t you fold it seven ways and stick it where the sun don’t shine?” when Mailer was being a sucky guest. And I’ll embrace that the quadratic equation has never been useful and I’m lucky to have forgotten it.
    Well, this is a rather long comment. It sucks that I can’t be more concise.

  5. I had initially suspected a typo

  6. Nothing sux like suxess! And that I wish you most abundantly!

  7. Many things suck in life like vacuums but not me I don’t suck, ever…………..

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  9. Living with gratitude, truly helps disperse the sux. Thanks

  10. Just breathe, my friend. Take one day at a time is all you need to do. Sending you the biggest, warmest bear hug ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃

  11. Sux, acid reflux!

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