Day 2226: Fancy meeting you here

Fancy meeting you here, dear readers!

Do you fancy an explanation of that phrase, from

Best Answer – Chosen by Voting
Imagine meeting you here. In this context, fancy means to form a mental image of something (in your sentence, the something is meeting you here). The phrase “Fancy meeting you here” usually means that the speaker is surprised by the fact that you are here, it was an unexpected occurence.

Fancy that best answer including a misspelling of “occurrence” since that’s a word I can never remember how to spell (and I  just had to look it up using my fancy laptop).

Fancy our meeting all these things yesterday during our weekly shopping trip to the supermarket:
































Fancy meeting a robot at a supermarket!  That fancy spill-seeking robot, named Marty, roamed up and down the aisles, sometimes got stuck, and was hunted by that little girl and by me.  Do you fancy meeting Marty?


Some of the workers at that supermarket did not fancy that fancy robot. Fancy that!

Fancy seeing more of my fancy fotos from yesterday?

Fancy the New England Patriots winning another Super Bowl!

I fancy meeting you in a comment, below.

As always, I end with fancy thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you, for meeting me here.



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21 thoughts on “Day 2226: Fancy meeting you here

  1. That was some pretty fancy writing!

  2. I fancy the Delicate game

  3. Fancy this informative blog post, with insights into StopNShop’s creepy robot! Yikes! 🤖

  4. Checking the OED reminded me that “fancy” is a contraction of “fantasy”, and meeting a robot in the grocery store makes it seem like we’re living in the fantastic future so many artists, going as far back as The Iliad, and I know it won’t be long before Marty cleans up spills as well as looking for them.
    We’re going to have to do some very fancy thinking to understand the implications of Marty and friends.

  5. My favorite shot is the food. Of course. Anything pasta. Fancy that!

  6. Marcia Dubreuil

    A few years ago, several robots looking alot like R2D2 began “monitoring” the Stanford shopping mall. People thought it was great fun, like being at Disneyland with Pinocchio and Mickey, but I thought it was creepy and an ominous sign that Big Brother had officially arrived (flash: he HAS). I stayed as far away from these roving machines as I could. Then, one day, one of the robots ran over a 3 year old. Minor injuries and, I can only assume, a HUGE settlement followed. The robots, and their charging ports, disappeared from the mall. Thank you, poorly supervised three-year-old! There are, after all, much more discreet ways of surveilling the public.

  7. Debbie Terman

    It’s hard to imagine that a store would have enough spills and leaks to warrant a tall creepy robot wandering around. Maybe it’s the way of the future.

    • Fancy me missing this valuable comment from you, Debbie, until today! Always great to meet you, here and elsewhere.

  8. Be fANNcy! ♡〜ლ(๑癶ᴗ癶๑)ლ〜♡

  9. There were a few glum faces in my household on Sunday, Ann. We are Angelenos, after all…although I’m not a football person. I did my part by making wonderful comfort foods. 🙂 Fancy that!

  10. And I fancy that dish!

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