Day 2224: Cute

Happy groundhog day!  Isn’t this a cute photo of a groundhog?


That’s my cute Facebook profile photo today, because Groundhog Day is my birthday!

Yesterday, I heard the word “cute” several times — when I listened to this recording of my latest open mic performance


… and when I showed my boyfriend Michael Malone the birthday card with original art created by my newest good friend Alice Malone (no relation between those two cute Malones).


I think Alice Malone’s drawing of a tiger looking at ties is much more than cute.  Don’t you?

I don’t think it’s cute how there’s a delay between my taking photos on my iPhone and my ability to post them in my blog, especially when I deliberately take pictures of things  I think are cute.  However, I will share all my other new photos from yesterday and share those other cute photos when they turn up (probably tomorrow).


If you decide you want  a closer look at the cuteness in those photos, give a cute click on the photo of your choice.

While I am creating this blog post, a lot of cute people are distracting me (as I was distracted during my “cute” performance last night by a cute kid dancing in front of the audience)  by wishing me a happy birthday.

I’m going to make another cute try and see if I can access those other cute photos.

Here they are!


Here’s a cuter and closer look at Alice Malone’s website:


Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good!  That’s a cute and helpful saying.

I look forward to many cute comments, below.

Thanks to those who helped me create this cute post and to all who helped me make it to age 66!




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23 thoughts on “Day 2224: Cute

  1. I think it’s cute that WordPress decided, on its own, to close comments on this post, especially since I wrote “I look forward to many cute comments, below.” WordPress keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  2. And comments are now open!

  3. Closing the comments was WordPress’s idea of being sarcastically cute, but I’m being completely sincere when I call Alice Malone’s drawings cute, especially her octopus pictures.
    “Cute” is not how I would describe your decision to perform with a keyboard for the first time, but it was very brave of you to put yourself out there, and whatever word you use to describe your birthday today I hope it’s great.

  4. Luis del Castillo

    Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy birthday, and Harley is so puffy cute!

  6. So much cuteness

  7. Happy birthday from across the sMILES. Here’s a piece of cake for you. ~(=^‥^)_旦~ And you sang beautifully as always. ♡ლ(-༗‿༗-)ლ♡

  8. Happy birthday 🙂 Groundhog Day such a good film

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  10. Many Happy Returns. congratulations on overcoming cuteness of WP

  11. Wonderful photos! I love your Alice Malone Tiger-Ties card. Enjoy the day today, Super Bowl 🏟 Sunday 🏈! When I grew up in LA, the Rams were our home team. So I’m rooting for them today. But I expect you’ll root for the Pats since you’re that cute!

  12. My mom and dad were married on Groundhog’s Day and my mom tells the story of learning later, after married, that the day was so designated. She wasn’t thrilled. LOL! She’s widowed now, and Saturday I spent the day taking her out and making sure she had a good day. I think their anniversary is harder for her than other significant days when my dad might be particularly missed.

    I loved the art on that special card! It’s stunning! Thank you, Ann. You always brighten my day, even if I read your posts long after you originally posted.

    • I’m just finding this comment now, Debra, and it brightened my day. I love hearing that your mother and father were married on Groundhog’s Day. ❤

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