Day 2223: Putting yourself out there

Yesterday, when people were putting themselves out there in a group therapy session, I put this out there on a white board in the group room:


What happens when you put yourself out there?  What out there gets in the way of your putting yourself out there more?

Tonight, I’ll be putting myself out there at an Open Mic, as I debut my latest original song, “What are other people thinking about you?” I’ll be putting a keyboard out there on the stage and putting, myself, out another blog post tomorrow with a recording of that performance.

Empathy involves putting ourselves out there into other people’s shoes.  What happens when I put these photos out there?












I’m putting myself out there to share that in yesterday’s therapy group, we talked about shoulds and transforming unhelpful shoulds like “I should exercise more” into “I could exercise more and I choose to do other things to sustain myself until I feel ready to exercise.”

I’m putting “Putting Yourself Out There” from the movie Eighth Grade out here in this post:

I’m putting myself out there to state that Eighth Grade deserved some Oscar nominations, instead of receiving none, which makes me very put out.

Please consider putting yourself out there in a comment, below.

As usual, I’m putting gratitude out there, for all who helped me put out this post and — of course! — YOU, for putting up with me.


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13 thoughts on “Day 2223: Putting yourself out there

  1. I hope you find a very warm room for your performance tonight, Ann!

  2. It takes courage to put yourself out there. Thank you for showing us how Ann. 💕🙏💕

    • It takes one courageous woman to know another one, Val. Thanks for putting yourself out there exactly the way you do, every day.

  3. I’m putting myself out there to cheer for you at the Open Mic. ☆*~゚⌒₊·*◟(˶╹̆ꇴ╹̆˵)◜‧*・⌒゚~*☆

  4. I go to a weekly writing group but I’m often shy about bringing things I’ve written, and this week someone introduced me by saying, “This is Chris. He writes humor and if he ever shares any we’ll find out how funny he is.”
    Congratulations on having the courage to put yourself out there.

    • I’m putting myself out there to say that I’m shocked you haven’t put your hilarious blog posts out there in that weekly writing group. Thanks for putting yourself out here on WordPress, Chris; we are all far the better for it.

  5. It does take courage to put yourself out there, I am not th at brave

  6. Putting himself out there is how I like Harley.

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