Day 2221: Dirty looks

The other day, I thought somebody gave me a dirty look.  When I perceive somebody giving me a dirty look, I can feel dirty.  That’s why I wrote these lyrics for my latest original song, What are Other People Thinking About You?

Was that person’s dirty look about you?

Was that person annoyed by something you did?

Could it be he’s thinking instead of his family,

Like his most distressing and stressing kid?

Ā© Ann Koplow, 2019

I hope that I don’t get a lot of dirty looks from the audience when I debut that song in two days at an Open Mic.

Do you see any dirty looks in my photos from yesterday?








Do you see any dirty looks in these other recent photos?














While dirty looks can feel like laser beams, we can protect ourselves with mindfulness mantras like “It’s safer than it feels” and playfulness, as explained on this mindfulness card:



I playfully gave a look at this sign  on my way home from work last night:


I looked for the 1965 UK TV debut of the Who on YouTube. I couldn’t find it, but look at what is there!


Look at this Peter Gabriel song with the lyric “if looks could kill they probably will.”

What are your thoughts about dirty looks and the other looks in this pos?  I will give a non-dirty look at all your comments, later.

I look at the world with gratitude, every day, so thanks to all who helped me create this “dirty looks” post and — of course! — to YOU, for looking at it.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2221: Dirty looks

  1. The cat on the throne has the dirtiest look

  2. I prefer to call it the stink eye, Ann. I can give it when deserved.

  3. one of my daughters is highly sensitive to these kind of looks, and i try to tell her that it’s that person’s problem, not really anything to do with her, but it’s a learning process. we all have our sensitive points

  4. I was in a burrito place and got into a conversation with a young man about his band. He told me they’d just filmed a music video in which the male members of the band wore tight black dresses and lipstick and slicked their hair back while their female lead wore a suit with a skinny black tie. He then asked if I knew Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”.
    “Know it?” I said. “You’re talkin’ ’bout my generation!”
    He didn’t get the joke but he did get a dirty look from me.

  5. I would want to see your dirty look and also your not dirty look! šŸ™‚
    Compliment for the choice of photos whom some have really a dirty look .
    Love ā¤

  6. I have a daughter who is queen at giving dirty looks, me not so much

  7. No, I got it right after all, except that Harley is not in this one! No dirty looks Oscar!

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  9. I think your lyrics are inspired, Ann! I can’t imagine anyone giving you a dirty look–not on purpose. šŸ™‚

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