Day 2217: Cave

Because I caved, despite my avowed avoidance of social media, I just saw this from Merriam Webster on Twitter:

We’re seeing a 1500% spike on “cave” this evening.”

When we descended into the cave of television news last night, I asked my boyfriend Michael, “Why is everybody characterizing the temporary end to the government shutdown as a cave?  Why is that news agency calling Trump “Cave Man?” Is that going to help? How can there be cooperation when there are no exceptions to this win-or-lose philosophy? Does everybody have to act like they’re seven years old?  Where are the adults in the room?”

Michael agreed with me.  Was that a cave?

Maybe this result of searching for “CNN cave man” can throw some light on the subject:

There’s a little cave man in all of us.

I’m not going to cave and make some stupid joke about that headline, but I will share this more inspiring result of searching for “CNN cave.”

The Thai cave rescue ended in success. But only two weeks ago, it all seemed hopeless

I remember, last July, when the world seemed to be caving in, that story about the rescue of the twelve young boys and their soccer coach from the Thai cave helped us all emerge from the cave of hopelessness, at least temporarily.

Is it a cave if you look at my photos from yesterday?






While that might look like scrawlings from  a cave, that last photo shows my writing all the topics from a group therapy session on the wall of a group room.

Walls and caves.  Caves and walls. Will we ever escape this cave of  confusion?

Michael loves Nick Cave.

If I ask you to leave a comment below, is it a cave if you comply?

Even when I’m in a dark cave, I look for the light of gratitude.  Thanks to all who helped me create this cave of a post and — of course! — YOU.



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19 thoughts on “Day 2217: Cave

  1. Nick Cave wrote that lovely song in Surrey, and I just finished a book called The Hollow Land set in Cumbria, in a farming community near a defunct mine, hence the title. The good thing about caves, though, is they remind us there are depths and more than we can see in every landscape.

  2. Thanks for this cavernous post and play on words 😎

  3. The word yield throws less shade than the word cave, to me, Ann.

  4. Sometimes the only way
    Out of the cave is to pray
    Sometimes the cave is mine
    When all I can do is whine
    Sometimes the cave is ours
    When it’s controlled by other powers
    But I own the channel changer
    So I can click out of cave danger!

  5. Well, there’s a cave to hide in, the cave in of a collapse, and the lovely Nick Cave. So we don’t have to think about 45 at all, really and that would be best, but I do wish CNN wouldn’t aggravate things. With the lashings from the right, they don’t need to, and it will just make our toddler terrorizer behave even more badly. Too bad we can’t give him a time-out. Ugh.

  6. It annoys me when people want someone to be sensible, be reasonable and negotiate and then when they do say they caved you can’t have it both ways for things to move forward someone has to be willing to give a little.

  7. Come out of the cave a sec, my friend. Let’s have some CAVeIAR! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ ) ♡♡

  8. Surely Mr Trump is from an earlier period than the cave man?

  9. I thought that “caved” comment was absolutely unnecessary. Too, it seems like the type of comment that demands a retort. It certainly isn’t “news”. And, Ann, caving in when we say we won’t is what we do-like buying an ice cream sandwich 10 minutes after saying we are not going to buy any ice cream today. (I couldn’t help it-2 fresh baked cookies with pecan praline ice cream stuffed in between them.)

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