Day 2209: Expendable

Yesterday, in a therapy session, somebody talked about feeling expendable.  When someone labels themselves in a painful way, I write the word up on the board, to get it out of the person’s head and so that we can look at the label with different perspectives, perhaps making the unhelpful label expendable.


A definition of “expendable” may be expendable, but I’m sharing it anyway.

of little significance when compared to an overall purpose, and therefore able to be abandoned.
“the region is expendable in the wider context of national politics”
synonyms: dispensable, able to be sacrificed, replaceable
(of an object) designed to be used only once and then abandoned or destroyed.
“the need for unmanned and expendable launch vehicles”

As I read that definition, it occurs to me that many people might be feeling expendable, as the current U.S. government shutdown drags on and on.

In that therapy session yesterday, I invited the expendable-feeling person to name what is opposite to expendable.  Here’s one non-expendable word:


Another opposite-to-expendable word was “valuable.”  Apparently a picture of that word was expendable.

Wait! I found “valuable” on this scale, which I drew on the board:


It might be valuable and appreciated, here and now,  if I ask my readers these questions: Do you ever feel expendable?  Appreciated?  Valuable?  Where are you on that scale, as you read this?  What helps you feel less expendable and more valuable and appreciated?

I wonder if any of the photos in this post are expendable, appreciated, and/or valuable.



It’s always appreciated when my non-expendable boyfriend Michael asks me to dance, and last night, after his very appreciated and valuable dinner (pictured above), we danced to this music, which is the opposite of expendable to me.

I really appreciate that Michael danced with me for the full eight-and-a-half minutes of that highly valued McCoy Tyner tune.

I hope you know that your comments are very valuable and appreciated.

Finally, here is some non-expendable gratitude for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.





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22 thoughts on “Day 2209: Expendable

  1. How wonderful to share a dance, Ann

  2. The layoff day at the big daily – coming up on six years ago on Jan. 31 – indeed made me feel expendable, Ann. It took me a long time to fight through that.

  3. I know I am not expendable because I cannot be duplicated. Therefore, I am unique and needed. My husband calls me, “Precious.” Ain’t that sweet? And affirming… yes!

  4. Expendable is not one of your qualities, Ann.
    Essential is, though.

  5. Two things life has taught me: no one who’s needed is expendable and everyone is needed.

  6. Yes, I see essential in the comments. The opposite of expendable. Perhaps irreplaceable, but then again…Those lovely meals must be essential to you!

  7. Harley, you’re a valuable fluffy ball.

  8. I guess no one likes to think that they’re expendable. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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  10. super non
    post, Ann!
    enjoying hearing
    the Tyner again 🙂

  11. It hurt my heart to learn that someone felt expendable, but I think many people. It’s just not stated out loud very often. I’m so glad you’re there to help others as effectively as I know you do, Ann. And kudos to wonderful Michael…a “chef” with many talents! 🙂

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