Day 2208: Frustration

Yesterday, when I was experiencing some frustration, I noticed that somebody had chosen to express that feeling via the emotions chart on my office door.


I wondered, “Who expressed that frustration?  Was it a patient or a staff person? Why are they feeling frustration?  Are they expressing that frustration to others?  Are they keeping the frustration to themselves?  Do they know they are not alone in feeling frustration?  How do they deal with frustration?” I felt some frustration that I did not know  — and probably would never know — the answers to my questions.

However, I can ask similar questions to you, my readers.

Are you feeling frustration these days?   Do you share your frustration or keep it to yourself?  How do you deal with frustration?

I am feeling frustration with our government, these days.  Am I alone in that frustration?

Also, people in therapy have been expressing frustration about their relationship with food, especially during and after the holidays. I suggest that people NOT beat themselves up about what they’re eating– that leads to greater frustration and more eating to comfort themselves.

In addition, last night at a Board meeting, some of us expressed frustration about ageism, and how people — even those who are sensitive in their use of language about other differences — make jokes about age all the time.  I remember feeling frustration about this when I was in Social Work graduate school, decades ago.  Of course, my frustration with this gets worse as I get older.

After the board meeting, one of the participants shared this video in an email:

Is anybody feeling frustration that I’m taking so long to share my other photos from yesterday?













Are people feeling frustration about any of those photos?  I’ll explain the last one — I bought a gelato-filled Panettone for the board meeting.   Nobody expressed frustration about that.

Feel free to express frustration or any other feelings or thoughts in a comment, below.

Thanks to all who helped me create this “frustration” post and to you — of course!


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27 thoughts on “Day 2208: Frustration

  1. You are not alone Ann 💕

  2. What an interesting door you have, Ann! I bet that person who was able to declare their mood (of unknown cause) went home smiling, tickled at being able to turn a mood into a comic emoticon.

    You are so cool.

  3. There are many things that can frustrate us daily, yes, Ann. So we deal.

  4. The band James has a good song called Born of Frustration. I hope my latest post can take away some frustration.

  5. My father has expressed frustration with his own inability to say “frustrated”. He says “flustrated”, but I’m one of many people who’s assured him that’s a terrific portmanteau word. Most of us get flustered when we’re frustrated, but his flustration with not being able to say “frustrated” is really something positive.

  6. I took thevtime to watch that powerful video. I hope everyone who visits your blog will do so. Yes, it’s frustrating to know “for my age” I am doing pretty well … But I’ll probably never play tennis again … Unless it’s table tennis. But at least I can still do that! I try nit to let “frustration” rule me. It is what it is. Deal with it! Yup!

  7. I too am really frustrated with the administration and congress. And I really liked that video. Yup.

  8. Ageism and sexism, both, frustrate me to no end! I have experienced some version of both this week in dealing with the public. The younger men I had to work with (problem-solving some home technical issues) didn’t try very hard to hide their bias. I had to decide whether to “play along” and get my problem solved, or blow them out of the water and find myself no further along in the problem solving. I think I ended up just being snarky. I’m still thinking about what I might do next time to feel better about my response. There! I told you! Now I feel a little better. LOL!

    • I feel better that you told me, Debra! I wish ageism and sexism (and all the other isms) didn’t exist, but they do, so we do the best we can. More and more, I call people on it when I see it. ❤

  9. I am feeling frustration with our government too! ✧*。ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。

  10. Harley, your sphinx-like posture eases my frustration.

  11. Love that video and will share it if you don’t mind! Caught unawares when a young salesman getting my details asked “do you have an email address – no?” I wasn’t that bothered but now find being dismissed something as you say we have to call people on – such as I was on computers when he was in diapers DUH!!:))

  12. The video says it all. I like to respond to such comments with, “I look good for my age? Thanks, so do you!”

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