Day 2199: Dream Builders

Are you a dream builder?  Do you allow yourself to dream, nourish those dreams, and take steps to make your dreams come true?

Throughout my life, I’ve worked on discovering and building my dreams, including finding my dream job as a group therapist and also  returning to Disney World this week with people I love.  The workers at Disney World see themselves as Dream Builders, as you can see in this sign:


Like Walt Disney, I’ve wanted to do things; I wanted to build things, to get something going, so let’s get this post going, shall we?  Peeking up over that good kind of  wall is the symbol of Disney World’s Epcot — the Geodesic Sphere that houses the attraction “Spaceship Earth.”  Yesterday, my son Aaron and my niece Victoria, who has this tattooed on her ankle ….


… rode through Spaceship Earth twice, the second time choosing French as their language.

Do you see any dreams being built in these other photos?










































Everybody’s dreams are different. For my boyfriend, Michael, Disney World might be his worst nightmare, so I doubt I’ll build any dreams of us visiting here together in the future. Michael, who stayed behind in our dream home near Boston, loves raccoons, so I told him I’d include these photos in my blog today:

Here’s my favorite ride at Epcot:

That video doesn’t capture the full experience of “Soarin,” which allows me to fulfill a childhood dream of flying wherever I want to go, like Peter Pan (which I’ve previously blogged about here and here).   I dream that you all get to witness the spectacular things the dream builders have created here at Epcot, if that is indeed your dream, too.

What dreams are you building, these days?

It’s also a dream, for me, that I get to build a new blog post every day, which is read by all of YOU.


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26 thoughts on “Day 2199: Dream Builders

  1. Keep dreaming and soaring Ann 😎

  2. I think you were on a dream getaway for sure, Ann. Thanks for sharing as always.

  3. Hi Ann, it looks like you are having a dreamy vacation!!!! The photos are wonderful!!! I especially like the one of the seahorse. I have always dreamed of having the perfect aqaurium where seahorses might wish to live!!!

  4. Some great photos here Ann, but confess the Santa freaked me out a bit!

  5. Great photos, Ann! I’m glad you’re soarin’.

  6. Wow! I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the cool photos, Ann! I’ve been unable to take time to read favorite blogs as I continue to be a full-time caregiver and part-time therapist. I blow past these wonderful temptations most days, but today something hooked me and here I am! We live about 3-1/2 hours from Orlando, and as residents of Florida, we can get in to DisneyWorld for a fraction of what out-of-state folks have to pay. I’ve never been! I grew up in Los Angeles and went to Disneyland many times in my childhood, teens, and as a parent of a school aged son. The last time I went there was after my dad’s furneral. My son was 11. He is 44 now, so it’s been a while! My husband says he knows all about DW because he went there over 30 years ago. Your photos are proof the place has continued to evolve in his absence. How exciting to see Aaron and his sweetie! I’ve been out of the loop too long! Btw, I opened a Naples therapy office last week. I’m still furnishing it and have yet to work there, but it’s only a matter of time. They will come! I dream of great success in doing what I love!

    • That is Aaron and his cousin, Victoria, Sunny. He doesn’t have a sweetie yet. It is very sweet to see you here. Keep building on those dreams!

  7. Lots of pics this time, and I love them all! Dream is one of my favorite words, after love and friendship. Fantasy is a good word too. And never. And tomorrow. Now I’m the one who’s dreaming!

  8. What colourful vibrant and wonderful photos

  9. I would love to be able to build a dream but not the type of dream I have at night they are just weird

  10. Willy Wonka famously said, “We are the music-makers,/And we are the dreamers of dreams.”
    He was, of course, quoting Arthur O’Shaughnessy who went on to say,
    Wandering by lone sea-breakers
    And sitting by desolate streams;
    World losers and world forsakers,
    On whom the pale moon gleams:
    Yet we are the movers and shakers
    Of the world for ever, it seems.

    I hope y’all enjoy the world of pure imagination.

  11. It’s looking like a great vacation. I especially like the koi pond…

  12. My problem is not knowing how to turn my dreams into reality. I need to wake up and start living my dream life. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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