Day 2195: Where things end up

Since everything is a process and because people and situations are continually changing and growing, we never know where things will end up.

I ended up, yesterday, thinking that “Where things end up” was a good title for the photos I ended up taking.





















No matter what’s ending up around you, I think curiosity is a good place to end up (and begin with, too).  Also, people often end up making “pros and cons” lists of different possibilities in my office, to help them decide where they want to end up.

This evening, I’ll end up debuting my latest original song, “It’s Not Me,” at a local Open Mic, where I’ve ended up before. Because, for now, I don’t have a recording of “It’s Not Me” that I know how to share, I’m ending up sharing the Fats Domino song “Walking” (which I saw a sign about when I was ending up my walking last night).

The real title of that song ended up being “I’m Walking.” Also, I’m ending up wondering if this is the Fats Domino song on the hotel sign:

Comments end up being at the end of this post, below.  I wonder how many comments I’ll end up with.

As always, I end up these blog post with thanks to all who help me create them and — of course! — to YOU.



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21 thoughts on “Day 2195: Where things end up

  1. I’m so glad it’s you, Ann.

  2. Ahhh….I think Ann’s up to something! ♫(♡◖ฺ◡ฺ◗ฺ)♡♡)♫

  3. Hi Ann – that card is wonderful. It ended up being very interesting with the alterations. I would also like to tell you I love Fats Domino, and I love sloths. I would like a sloth, they move slowly, I like that about them. In fact, they are incapable of moving quickly because they only have long muscle fibers. And because they move so slowly, algae grows on their fur. How cool is that?! Then they end up looking green, because of the algae.

  4. That wonderful card really illustrates how where something starts doesn’t have to determine where it ends up. Although wherever Fats Domino is walking I want to go.

    • Your wonderful comments and blog posts always illustrate the same thing, Chris. Thanks for ending up here, as always.

  5. At times we think where the hell did something go or how the hell did something end up where it is

  6. Maureen

    Leo has piqued my curiosity

    • Leo is curiouser and curiouser and also a wonderful friend to Aaron. I like the way your comments begin and end up, Maureen.

  7. This was fun, Ann. I love the “sloth or croissant” card. That’s just too funny! I misplace things all the time and unfortunately feel like I waste a lot of time on a hunt! If only someone could create a “Find my glasses” app! 🙂

  8. Many thanks for the reminder of Fats Domino

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  10. love the card- and good luck – or break a leg with the song!

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