Day 2193: For now

For now, there’s only one other post I’ve written with the same title as today’s post. (For now, I believe that 2017 post has some useful information in it. For now, you can click on that link to read it.)

For now, today’s post is the only one which also has a photo of “For now.”


For now, I’m not sure what a “retail incubator” is, but I can show you my other New Year’s Day photos of the Seaport District  of Boston (and, for now, this is the best article I’ve found online about “the hottest neighborhood in town“).




For now, I have more must-dos for today’s blog.   For now,

  • somebody I’ve known for years is not speaking to me,
  • I’m President of a local professional organization of group psychotherapists,
  • with great power comes great responsibility (I saw the new Spider-Man movie at the Seaport District theater yesterday),
  • I haven’t experienced the full glory of the new Spider-Man movie yet, because a fire alarm screwed up the theater’s computer system and the house lights stayed on for most of the film,
  • I’m  writing a new original song every month,
  • I haven’t made any high quality recordings of any of my songs,
  • I’m still waiting to hear back from the Edinburgh Free Fringe about my show proposal, even though their last email to me three weeks ago said somebody would get back to me “in a few days” and I’ve written them again asking for a response,
  • I’m feeing better about not hearing back now that I’ve read that Edinburgh Free Fringe link, above, and seen that  “our main programming decisions [will be] taking place from the end of January and through February and March”,
  • my son is in Boston on Christmas vacation from University,
  • I haven’t started packing for our Disney World trip this weekend,
  • I feel tired when I walk up stairs, and
  • I have more pictures to share from yesterday.


For now, there is still plenty left of the best tuna noodle casserole I’ve ever had in my life. For now, I can assume that Michael meets the two criteria I had established for a future boyfriend when I was 10 years old: That my boyfriend love cats and tuna noodle casserole. For now, I’m actually not sure that Michael loves tuna noodle casserole, but he certainly helps me to keep my tuna casserole love alive.

For now, this the best “For Now” song I can find, from the musical Avenue Q.

For now,


and see you tomorrow.  And for all those who helped me create today’s blog post and for all those who are reading this, thanks for now and beyond!


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33 thoughts on “Day 2193: For now

  1. More excellent pics. I hope this comment will do for now

  2. and that’s a full plate for now. i love your boyfriend must haves.

  3. You are accomplish much, for now and later, too, Ann!

  4. All good things to you in 2019. Bummer about not being spoken to after years of friendship. Have fun at Disney.

  5. I enjoyed your perspective and choices of photographic subjects. You’re helping make Boston look more and more interesting. I haven’t been there in years even though I’ve enjoyed many visits. Oh and I’ve noticed stairs are a little steeper in January than June, and gravity seems stronger, too. 😉 Still, getting out and about to find wonderful things to photograph is a great way to lighten up and maybe I’ll do a bit myself.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Ann, I love the carpet on your stairway – it’s very fancy. I also notice your cat appears in many of your photos. Is that on purpose – or does the kitty just like to be in all your photos. I had a Great Dane, named Sheila, who would surreptiously appear in all the photos I took in and around my house, but I never noticed she did, until the photos were developed. For now, I am going to assume your cat is photo-bombing all pics, because she likes to. Have a good day!!!

    • Thank you for this fancy comment, SD. For now, Harley (the white and tiger cat) is very shy and it’s quite an accomplishment when I can get a picture of him. Oscar, on the other hand (or paw), loves to photo-bomb my photos. For now, Oscar isn’t in any photos in today’s post.

  7. Bye for now. Have a lovely day! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡

  8. A great New Year to you Ann. May all your opportunities bear lasting fruit!!

  9. For now I’m going to be anticipating word on the wonderful time you had at Disney World, as well as whatever new songs you have to offer each month of the coming year.

  10. For now I am so glad I came here for a visit today, it is another stinking hot day here in Newie

  11. I am sorry that someone is not speaking to you. That seems to be their loss. I hope you get to see Spider-Man soon. My kids are in the theater watching it at this very moment.

    • For now, I’m happy that I saw it, even though the lights were on for most of it. For now, I have a free pass from the theater, so I may return and watch it again! For now and forever, I am grateful for your comments, Maureen.

  12. Great photos. Shame about the cinema but great stuff about the songs.

  13. Your stairs are beautiful.

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