Day 2192: Sunny skies

On this first day of 2019, there are sunny skies in Boston.

There were also sunny skies on the last day of 2018, when I noticed this:


“Sunny skies” is the name of the pen my boyfriend Michael gave me for Christmas.


Have you ever noticed that when you look for sunny skies, you can find them, even when you’re indoors?













An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities to see sunny skies wherever you go.

While I had an attitude of gratitude about Michael’s gift of the sunny skies pen, I couldn’t resist sending him this video, featuring  John Cusack under some unsunny skies in Say Anything… and Grosse Pointe Blank. (Warning: contains a scene of pen-related violence.)


There are also  sunny skies in this video that automatically started playing after that one  — “Top 10 Unexpected Dance Scenes in Non-Dance Movies.”  Dance scenes help me feel sunny, no matter what the weather.


There are also sunny skies in this forecast for our upcoming trip to Disney World, sent yesterday by my sunny niece Laura.


More sunny skies: these four photos always pop up first whenever I try to access my latest images on my laptop.  I don’t know why, but I’m glad to share them with you today.


ISirwij1331kli1000000000 ISuws0rs8ghn8j1000000000


Again, an attitude of gratitude brings sunny skies, so sunny thanks to all who helped me create this first-of -2019 blog post and — of course! — to YOU.




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19 thoughts on “Day 2192: Sunny skies

  1. Your blog is a lovely breath of fresh air and sunny skies. (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

  2. As a collector of pens, (mostly fountain pens), I noticed the Monteverdi box right away and thought, “Lucky Ann”. I call nice pens, “Jewelry you can write with”.

    HNY and I hope you have a great trip to Disney.

  3. The pen can open so many worlds, and the sunny skies everywhere reminds me that what set Carl Sagan on a career in astronomy was learning that the stars are suns too—suns that we now know have worlds of their own.
    There’s a happy new year thought.

  4. Hi Ann – I absolutely loved your videos today – especially the one with movies and unexpected dance scenes. Makes me want to get up and dance – even though the sunny skies here in the Central Valley are clouded by the Tule Fog – maybe later today we will see the sun, but I would much rather prefer rainy days for now!!! Have a lovely day, filled with warm sunshine and wispy clouds.

  5. And sunny water too

  6. enjoy your trip and your blog always brings me a bit of sunshine )

  7. Lots of sunny skies here with stinking hot days as well

  8. I always look for sunny skies. Good to see them here. Happy New Year Ann ❤

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