Day 2189: Who is it?

Who is it that just posted this on Facebook?

If it’s not me posting that I’ll be performing my latest original song “It’s Not Me” at the Jam’n Java Open Mic in Arlington’s Kickstand Cafe this Friday (January 4) while wearing my original t-shirt that says “It’s Not Me,” then who is it?

Who is it that just wrote another verse for “It’s Not Me”?

It’s not me who’s claiming

that our love was a sham.

It’s not me who’s blaming

all the things that I am.

© Ann Koplow, 2018

Who is it that took these photos yesterday?











Who is it that will be disappointed if people don’t laugh at the improv section of “It’s Not Me” Friday night?  And who is it that learned how to balance a salt shaker on its side at college?

Who is it that’s sharing this music, here and now?

Who is it who saw The Who at The Boston Garden in the 1970s?

Who is it that’s expressing thanks to all who helped me create this post (including my son Aaron and The Who) and to you — Whoo hoo! —  who’s reading it?


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32 thoughts on “Day 2189: Who is it?

  1. Is this memorable moment of 2018 ?

    • These are memorable moments of yesterday, celebrated by you-know-who (me). Who are you? Whoever you are, thanks for the visit!

  2. I’m impressed by who you are Ann … and by that balancing salt cellar!

  3. By a beautiful and wise lady… quite funny thanks and a magical new year wished for you❤️🌈 love Barbara x

  4. ’twas not I who was, nor even who is
    I’m not even sure that I was there
    It’s a mighty fine choosing of mighty fine words
    Which just goes to show that you care!

  5. Do I have to take you with a grain of salt today, Ann?

  6. It’s you Ann, that’s who. I am envious that you got to see The Who, I bet that was great!!! I saw the Moody Blues at Red Rocks, in Denver – that was great. Saw Joe Cocker in Denver too. My Dad told me to where a raincoat to that concert, and when I asked him why he said “because Joe likes to vomit on his audience”. How awful is that?

  7. Whooooo are you? Who who? Who who? I think I know……

  8. Aaron—who else?—must be wise as an owl to balance a salt shaker on its edge. And who did take all those pictures? It looks like you’ve been framed.

    • It was me who learned to balance a salt shaker on its edge when I was at Harvard. I took most of those pictures after I did the balancing act, but then Aaron took my phone to show off his photographic skills. It looks like you’ve been fooled!

  9. Another oh so nice post, I can tell you who it isn’t, it isn’t ‘me

  10. Who is it? I ann got a clue! (๑′ᴗ‵๑)♥

  11. Pingback: Day 2226: Framed | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  12. Whoever wrote it, that is an excellent verse

  13. I wonder why the response I left here isn’t showing,?

  14. I didn’t see the Who in 1970, but I did in 2016. I felt like a kid again. 🙂 I hope the performing is magical!

  15. Wasn’t me!!

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